Do you find that there is a horrible hole in your life? I’m no doctor, but I do have a Ph. D. that I got online in Sue Sylvester (Glee) style. What you need is … well, read on to see!

"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it."

My friend, Alan, came to me with the oddest request. He wanted to know if I knew how to make patches. …I had no idea what he meant. Patches of dirt in the grass? Bald patches in men?

He then linked me to an image of what looked like a Girl Scout badge and told me he wanted a replica Bookhouse Boys badge like Cooper got on Twin Peaks (it’s his new, unexplainable obsession.)

Just because I’m a girl doesn’t guarantee even the slightest knowledge of sewing – even though I technically own a sewing machine. So, I couldn’t help him.

I told him to head to Etsy. While I was there (presumably looking up stuff for him), I meandered. A few clicks here, there…and an hour later I put together this post. Cafe Press offers lots of great fan merchandise, but fans also make amazing stuff and put it for sale on Etsy! Here’s some Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog stuff: