The best quotes from ‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, inside.

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Downton Abbey Season 4 Quotes – Episode 1

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“She mistook you for a servant?”
“Isn’t he?”
“Don’t tell him that, he’ll never get over the shock.” – Mr. Bates

“Can I help you?” – Thomas Barrow
“I doubt you would if you could.” – Nanny West

“Nothing’s as changeable as a young man’s heart. Take hope, and a warning from that.” Mrs. Patmore

“It’s not for me to have an opinion. But I will say this…” – Mrs. Hughes

“Prison was an education.” – Mr. Bates

“Now the room’s going to smell like a tart’s boudoir.” – Lady Mary

“I’m a very hard worker, and I’ve practiced what I’ve learned.”

“I just had a hunch that she wasn’t quite up to garment.” – Thomas Barrow

“When you talk like that i’m tempted to ring for Nanny and have you put to bed with no supper.” – The Dowager Countess

“I’d become an Eskimo if it meant I could marry you.”

“You cry m’lady. you have a good cry. That’s what’s needed now. and when you’re ready, you can get to work. Because you are strong enough. You’re strong enough for the task.” – Carson

“You see, Carson, I’d almost forgotten I’d had either energy or kindness in me. So that’s something, isn’t it?” – Isobel

“My husband is dead. Can’t you understand what that means.” – Lady Mary

“Matthew is dead 50 years before his time. Isn’t that enough for me to deal with?” – Lady Mary

“I suppose we were all young once.” – Anna
“Yes, but you stayed young. And that’s the difference.” – Mr. Bates

“She is living a nightmare. And we must all step back and allow her to come through it in her own time.” – Robert Crawley

“I doubt you would if you could.” – Nanny West

“My dear, I’m not really very interested in whether you behaved badly or well.” – Violet

“You’re letting yourself be defeated. M’lady. I’m sorry if it’s a lapse to say so. But someone has to.” – Carson

“His lordship has made a decision, and I do not feel that his butler should criticize him for it.” – Lady Mary to Carson

“The price of great love is great misery when one of you dies.” – Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham

“You see, when your only child dies, then you’re not a mother anymore. You’re not anything really. That that’s what I’m trying to get used to.” – Isobel
“You’re a grandmother. And I know you’re going to be a wonderful one.” – Lady Edith

“It’s the job of Grandmother’s to interfere.” – Violet

“Just because you’re an old widow, that’s no excuse to eat off a tray.” – Violet

“He’s not beyond a decent life, if he could find it.” – Mrs. Hughes

“You have a straightforward choice before you. You can either choose either death, or life.” – The Dowager Countess
“And you think I should choose life -?” – Lady Mary

“…all the softness that he found in me seems to have dried up and drained away. Maybe it was only ever there in his imagination.” – Lady Mary

“We are selling Mosely to Mrs. Shackleton.” – Violet
“You mean as a servant?” – Cora
“No, as a Chinese laundryman.” – Violet

“What about Mr. Bates, won’t he be missing ya?”
“Mr. Bates will have to wait his turn.” – Anna

“She is broken and bruised. And it is our job to wrap her up and keep her safe from the world.” – Robert
“No, Robert. It is our job to bring her back to the world.” – Violet

“There’s more than one type of good mother.” – Violet

“I don’t think I’m strong enough-” – Isobel
“You are, ma’m. If you could just set aside that grief and used that strength for another’s good.” – Mrs. Hughes

“Isn’t that a bit underhand?” – Lady Mary
“There can be truth in any relationship.” – Violet

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