Jessica Brown Findlay was part of Downton Abbey for three seasons, so why as her character of Sybil been all but erased from the history in the latest official companion book?

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Not that you could forget, but  Downton Abbey Season 5 will premiere on January 5th, 2014. (Watch how we celebrated the Downton Abbey news.)

To go along with this upcoming premiere, an official companion book to the series (“Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey”) has also just been released this fall by St. Martin’s Press. Despite it’s omission of the character of Sybil, it’s still a worthwhile novel to delve into for Christmas, or any holiday.

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From St. Martin’s Press. by Emma Rowley (Author) , Gareth Neame (Foreword)

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The Official Backstage Pass to the Set, the Actors and the Drama

Written by Emma Rowley, Foreword by Executive Producer Gareth Neame

With Never-Before-Seen Photos and Exclusive Information from All Four Seasons

Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey Synopsis

This is where it all happens—from the acting and directing to the costumes and props—find out how the drama is created from the celebrated cast and crew.

Gain unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Downton Abbey in this official Season 4 tie-in book, complete with never-before-seen photos offering insight into the making of the runaway hit.

Expertly crafted with generous inside knowledge and facts, this book will delve into the inspiration behind the details seen on screen, the choice of locations, the music and much more. Step inside the props cupboard or the hair and make-up truck and catch a glimpse of the secret backstage world.

In-depth interviews and exclusive photos give insight into the actors’ experiences on set as well as the celebrated creative team behind the award-winning drama. Straight from the director’s chair, this is the inside track on all aspects of the making of the show. – Via Press Release

Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey Book Review

Who doesn’t love a little Downton Abbey action? This hardcover book full of trivia tidbits and gorgeous glossy images is enough to make any DA fan swoon.

Quality has been preserved from what you expect on the show to what you get in this book. Often, books are better off being loaned out from the library.But such is not the case here.  The text is rich with detail, and glossy images include never-before-seen photographs of the cast on set. The page quality itself, as physical paper, is solid and will survive years of you and your children sitting down to delve into this fantastical world. This is not a one-time book that you read and forget about. This is one that deserves a pristine place upon your shelf at eye level for easy access. Once you own this book, you will keep it.

Items up for discussion include Downton scripts, wardrobe and costumes, and even the specialized hair styles. Most of the female characters get an entire section about their detailed look. However, one character has been curiously omitted.

Actress Jessica Brown Findlay played Sybil on the series up until season 3, when her character died upon childbirth. Sybil was one of the three Crawley daughters, and one of the most prominent characters on the series. Yet, there seems to be under five instances of Findlay pictured in this book, whereas the other two sisters are pictured dozens upon dozens of times. And in the aforementioned sections for female characters hair and wardrobe, there is none for Sybil while lesser characters have pages. Additionally, group shots that you’d expect to see in the book are absent.

The question is worth asking if this is a complete oversight, or if this was done purposefully. And if so, for what reason?

Though we have no answer, and though it is a puzzling thought to ponder, the book is still a sublime (though eerily incomplete) piece for a Downton fan to own.

“Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey” is an official “Holiday Gift Guide 2013” pick from Small Screen Scoop this year!

Christmas could be an entire “Downton” affair in terms of presents! And a book is the natural first step in building up that holiday bundle of gifts for your “Downton Abbey” fans.

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