How gross are you willing to be on national TV? The Doritos commercial that aired during the 2011 Superbowl XLV was much buzzed about on Twitter as the first commercial worth talking about. We wouldn’t be surprised if it drew the biggest crowd reaction from wherever you’re watching it.

doritos commercial

The commercial has a cheese-loving Doritois fan licking someone’s fingers, and even licking pants, all in the name of Dorito’s dust.

Watch the Dorito’s commercial here.

The Super Bowl commercial’s (2011) include ads from Bud Light, Go Daddy, Audi, Best Buy, Careerbuilder, Coca-Cola Doritos, E-Trade, Pepsi, Skechers, Snickers, and Volkswagen.

Celebrities in the 2011 SuperBowl commercials include: Justin Bieber, Roseanne Barr, Kenny G, Kim Kardashian, and Ozzy Osbourne.