Donald Glover of Community knows that self-promotion can work. He’s out to nab the role of Spiderman, and we support him one million percent.


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I’ve discussed with friends that the downfall of Kirstin Dunst‘s career came when she played Mary Jane in Spiderman, so you might be able to tell what I think of the Spiderman series (lame-o, spiders are gross and Toby Maguire is dorky). However, there is ONE way to make it better. And that is, have better casting choices for this alleged Spiderman reboot. And that is, they need to cast Donald Glover of TV’s hit comedy Community as Spidey himself.

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Donald Glover is doing his own PR as he promotes himself as the next Spiderman. While it may have started off as only a joke, if this became a reality it would be AMAZING and I would actually watch it. On his blog/tumbler Glover writes, “I’m putting myself in the running for the Spiderman reboot. I’m actually quite interested to see how far this goes. If this happens, I’ll buy each and every one of you a mini cooper.”

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As fans grouped to support Glover, the twitter hashtag #donald4spiderman reached #3 in New York City Trending Topics, #3 in Los Angeles Trending Topics, and #2 in Chicago Trending Topics. Another time has been called for fans to tweet the #donald4spiderman hashtag, which is today (Monday) at 6:30 pm EST.

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Here are some of tweets that Glover posted about Spiderman:

RT wittyallusion : @io9 wrote a post about casting a non-white #Spiderman for the reboot. some1 suggested @MrDonaldGlover. I agree with this

Okay, at 6:30 (9:30 EST) everyone tweet #donald4spiderman We’ll see what happens.

SO DOPE! RT @tman2483: #donald4spiderman is up to #3 for Los Angeles Trending Topics!!

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RT: @CaroiAm #donald4spiderman also #3 on NYC Trending Topics

Okay. Same time tomorrow (6:30 PST, 9:30 EST,) to drop a #donald4spiderman twiter-bomb.

Someone just yelled at me “Donald for Spiderman” at me on the street. Fuck. Yeah. #donald4spiderman

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