Some might balk at the idea that Donald Glover and Donald Sutherland share anything but a first name. I heartily disagree. Can I back up my claim? A doi!

While chatting with a fellow entertainment writer, Matt, a huge fault of mine was revealed: I have trouble keeping the names Donald Glover and Donald Sutherland separate. As a huge fan of Community on NBC, I automatically love Glover. And as a huge fan of movies in general, I appreciate Sutherland (especially his work in the awful Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.)

The problem is that far too often I see or hear the name “Donald Glover” and picture Donald Sutherland. It’s a thing. Not a thing I’m proud of, but aside from being a source of annoyance (and now, mocking) it fueled my desire to prove that these two Donald’s have more in common than merely their first name. And much like the character of Marshall Erikson on How I Met Your Mother (CBS shoutout) I’m a sucker for graphs and charts.(Which really does make sense – I’m a visual learner! This is also why TV is the best teacher for me.)

This brings us to my piece of artwork. And please be aware that it is the best ven diagram you’ll see all day, if this is the only ven diagram you see all day.

Disclaimer: This is done in pure fun. If you try to get serious about it, then you’re defeating the purpose and probably not having a very fun life.