dollhouse finale

Dollhouse “Epitaph Two” Review : In most ways I don’t feel particularly torn up over the cancellation of Dollhouse. The Dollhouse finale left me with a dry face, no tears at all. That cannot be said for most TV finales that I watch. While I’d like to be able to report that I’m upset about the cancellation, this would be a lie. Fox and Joss Whedon could never agree on concept and how to play things out – so much so that the season one finale “Epitaph One” never even aired. So you can imagine how confusing it was to see the season two finale “Epitaph Two”, given that it was almost a direct sequel to the other episode.

If Dollhouse had been better executed, it could have been a great show. The ideas and characters were there, they just weren’t utilized. The show only really got good a few times – the end of season 1, and the end of season 2. I’m someone who believes the show would have been more interesting had they never focused on the Dollhouse outings, and kept the show centered on what happened inside the house. That’s really the only times they got seriously good interaction with the other characters. (Out of the Dollhouse, most of the character’s weren’t even themselves!)

What I liked about “Epitaph Two” was the surprising return of Alpha, who had grown to be a friend to Echo and the other’s. I loved Adelle’s caring relationship with Topher, and Topher himself. I loved the mention of Strawberries as being valuable and rare, which is something Whedon did in Firefly‘s pilot. And speaking of Firefly, I loved that Summer Glau‘s character returned to us in a way. She felt intrinsic to the storyline, to the core of the show. I wish we had seen Amy Acker‘s character as well.I did love Felica Day and the character she played, but I knew very little about her since I have never seen Epitaph One. (The first few minutes of watching the show had me going ‘WTF’, yes.)

I love romance, but I never liked Echo and Paul. When Paul died, I felt almost nothing. It seemed like an afterthought – that Whedon just didn’t want to make the ending too happy. I just didn’t care. And I thought that when Echo imprinted Paul inside of her head at the end? Super creepy. Like, super SUPER SUUUUPER creepy. And not in a “that’s so cool” creepy sort of way.

If “Epitaph Two” had been the pilot of Dollhouse, we might have had a hit show here.