Guess what, I don’t like walking the dog at 6 am, I don’t like having to eat fruit for breakfast if I feel like having a brown sugar & cinnamon poptart, I don’t love shaving my legs, I don’t love work, I don’t love biting my tongue, I don’t love doing chores, I don’t love a lot of things. In fact, if I only read the words of the script of the commercial I would have attributed most of them (or at least the idea) to the stifled character of Betty Draper on Mad Men.

And now, I don’t love Dodge. In fact, if I see a Dodge car I may spit on it! Which isn’t a ladylike action at all. But that’s the point. Gender stereotypes are hoglaundry! (Which is like hogwash, only with even more passion.)

Rather than making this a commercial of both male and females against LIFE, it’s a commercial of men against women.  I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so I didn’t see this commercial. But Dodge people forgot about the INTERWEBZ. Which is where I saw it, and now show it to you:

At this point I might sooner buy a Toyota than a Dodge.