We miss David Tennant, of course.

We'll miss David Tennant, of course.

Today is March 25th, which means we don’t have much time left before the new season five premiere of Doctor Who (or series five, if you’re from the UK). Steven Moffat has stepped up as the new lead writer/executive producer and we have new faces for The Doctor and for his companion. They are Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond – his girl Friday.


This season they’ll be going to sixteenth century Venice , France during the 1890s (in an episode called “Vampires in Venice”) and then the United Kingdom in the far future where it’s an entire nation floating in space. Pretty rad. The creepy weeping angels will return in the fourth episode, “The Time of Angels”. The Doctor will be dealing with Winston Churchill, Professor River Song (guest star Alex Kingston) whom Ten met in a library during season four’s stellar episode “Silence in the Library”, DALEKS,  and the Atraxi policemen of the galaxy whom we first met at the beginning of season three. Also look for a new redesign of the TARDIS as of the end of the first episode of season five. AAHHH, so much!



If you can’t wait, check out the official Doctor Who site, the Facebook page, and the Twitter for BBC America.


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Doctor Who premieres Saturday, April 17th at 9PM/8C on BBC AMERICA as an extended version with limited commercial interruption.