Doctor Who season 6 has ended, and you might think it’s time to simply tuck in and re-watch episodes. But there is another supplement you can employ.

Out of all the Doctor Who Tumblr pages and themes, the Doctor Who Confessions blog is probably our favorite. We think it has something to do with how Whovian fans are so thoughtful and loving, which is not something you can say for all TV fandoms. Confessions range from stray thoughts on fashion choices (Amy’s nail polish bugs more than just you!), people who assert their reasons for preferring a certain companion over another, and thoughts about what the show means to fans in both the most trivial and vital of ways.

Doctor Who Tumblr

Doctor Who Confessions


“I would have liked Rory better if he was a companion by himself.” Pictured: Arthur Davill as Rory Williams.

“I honestly feel like I’m the only person on the Whoniverse who doesn’t ship Eleven/Amy or think of Karen and Matt as more than friends.” Pictured: Matt Smith as Eleven and Karen Gillian as Amy Pond.

“I have never lost the child-like wonder I had when I was 6. This show has helped me become who I am.”

“I love every single Whovian. Even if I don’t know you.” Pictured: David Tennant as Ten

“I really don’t like nine or rose, but to date ‘The Empty Child’ might be my favourite episode.” Pictured: Billie Piper as Rose, Christopher Eccleston as Nine.