Dmitry Sholokhov has said some very memorable quotes during his time on Project Runway season 10. Let’s look back at a few of our favorites…

Dmitry Sholokhov Quotes

“Ven is a one way monkey. No, a one trick pony. That’s what I meant.” – Dmitry on Ven Budhu

“Heidi has like, I don’t know, 105 babies.” – Dmitry on Heidi Klum’s kids. (Four, she has four!)

“It’s like you are making an outfit for a cat.”

dmitry sholokhov

“This is the first time I’ve seen Elena be nice. It’s about time.”

“Everybody hates Elena. Even if they say they like, they hate her.” –

“Baby please, shut up.” – Dmitry to his robot baby.

“I forgot. I am a father now.”

dmitry sholokhov

“I think it’s time for me to win a challenge.” – And it was!

“I barely had time to put my pants on this morning.” – Dmitry Sholokhov Quotes

“My baby’s getting tired… He has to deliver, he has to sell my look.” – Dmitry, dealing with a toddler.

dmitry sholokhov

And the best quote about Dmitry? That he’s “baby snape.”