If Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) was a real girl, what magazine would she most likely to be found on the cover of?

ABC’s Once Upon a Time has encouraged me to keep my eyes open to anything fairytale/princess.

I stumbled upon some truly fun Disney Fan art that utilizes current magazines and pairs them with different Disney Princesses as their cover girls. The covers are really well done, the fonts all match each respective magazine (no small feat) and the titles and blurbs all sound like they are really for the magazine. If the image of the cover gal wasn’t a cartoon, you’d think these really were real. And perhaps there’s a marketing idea here for these magazines – if Disney partnered with one of them to do elusive, limited edition magazine covers that utilized the Disney Princesses it’d probably boast sales over another cover with Dianna Agron. (No offense to Agron.)

Check out these Faux Disney Princess Magazine covers

Jasmine is the Cosmopolitan cover girl. The cover says she’s “A Whole New Girl.” They have her spilling on her crush on Aladdin, who they define as a bad boy (“find out why good girls fall for bad boys!”) There’s also an interview that involes Rajah and rabies! And this wouldn’t be complete without the 25 best places to fly a magic carpet.

Ariel is the cover girl for Seventeen Magazine here. “Prince Eric Speaks: ‘I’m not allowed to eat crab or fish anymore!'” There’s also an A-Z guide of human items from Scuttle.

Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty is the cover girl for Glamour. I’m not sure if this is the perfect fit, what do you think? Here we get a very important poll about Pink vs Blue (I always wanted her in the pink dress as a child!) and an interview with the 3 fairies who couldnt’ use magazine for 16 years. Plus, 29 reasons to dream big!

Cinderella takes top honors for Elle. with “12_ reasons why everything’s better after midnight.”

These are done by Petite Tiaras on Tumblr. Visit the Tumblr to view all the Disney Princess Magazine Covers. Snow White covers Vogue (with her recipe for gooseberry pie.) Princess Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) has landed herself a spot on Vanity Fair. Mulan takes Harpar’s Bazaar and Pocahontas is favored for the Nylon cover.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Snow White because you’re optimistic? Cinderella because you’re a dreamer? Ariel because you’re adventurous? I think I’m Belle, a total bookworm. (And a creative Rapunzel.) But for every thing that you are, there’s always the one you wish you were. And yes, I do wish I had more optimism and determination like Snow White and Tiana.

disney princesses

Disney Princesses Drawn as Real People

Razpunel drawing – Miles of hair have never looked so good.

snow white drawings

Snow White drawings – The apple is transformed into a clutch. How every Carrie Bradshaw of you, Snow.

Sleeping Beauty drawings – The pink dress wins.

This Ariel drawing shows her as a human with tons of personality and sass. A seashell is her hair accessory. And we won’t deduct her points for matching her eyeshadow to her dress. Figures that this former mermaid would be in a mermaid style dress. (The type that flares out at the bottom only.)

Belle Barbie Doll

Snow White Barbie Doll

I actually did own a Beast Barbie Doll and a Belle Barbie Doll. She had a little rose that was also lipstick. And he had a beasty mask/head covering that you could take off of him. My sisters owned an Ariel barbie doll, too.

Jasmine Barbie Doll

I also (well, my sisters) had a Jasmine barbie doll. She came with a blue outfit and also her purple dress outfit.

Sleeping Beauty Barbie

By Ryan Jude Novelline. The hair is perfect, no? That was one of the reasons I always loved Sleeping Beuaty so much (because of her perfect hair.)

How to Draw Princess Jasmine

This is a great overview that shows you how to draw Princess Jasmine via the eyes of a Disney expert! I hope I’ve inspired you to visit and subscribe to Petite Tiaras on Tumblr! There’s such a wealth of info. Seeing all of these Disney images really puts you in a happy mood, which will come in handy for the holidays (when everyone forces “get happy!” in your face.)