Didi was my favorite tonight. PH: FOX

Didi was my favorite tonight. PH: FOX

Crystal Bowersox sang Tracy Chapman, Didi Benami sang Fleetwood Mac and Lilly Scott sang Patsy Cline. Those were my top three female performances of tonight. Lacey Brown and Siobhan Magnus were also good.

Let’s hope we say goodbye to Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, and Katelyn Epperly soon.

Signs You Had a Bad Performance on American Idol:

  1. Simon only compliments your hair.
  2. Simon says even your dress was bad.
  3. The nicer judges (read: all but Simon) suggest song choice is the reason you did so poorly.
  4. Even the nicer judges think you did bad.
  5. Someone starts out by saying, “Listen…” They’re stalling and they feel guilty.
  6. Even your parents are unimpressed.
  7. People muted you.

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