It’s the question we all have after last night’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ 2014.

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Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley have been hanging out on the show together a lot. After lots of one-on-one time during a group date, Clare showed up at Juan Pablo’s door. It was four in the morning in Vietnam, and Clare rang the doorbell on Juan Pablo’s suite. (Which he’d earlier shown her.)

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Claiming that swimming in a warm ocean was on her bucket list and a must-do, Clare invited Juan Pablo out into the ocean. It was dark, and no one could see them in the water. When they came out, Clare had a lot to say about feelings of “pure bliss.” It was clear that something happened out there.

Later on in the episode, Clare made a point of toasting to “making love.” And she also said, “I knew that when we were in the ocean, that it was a mutual feeling.” A mutual feeling of swimming? No.

And the clincher? Juan Pablo took Clare aside to say that his daughter shouldn’t see that, and he regretted doing it. You don’t just regret going for a swim. Whether they went to third base, or second, it’s pretty obvious that something happened out there in the ocean.