No, it’s not a Hallmark commercial. It’s actually by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This Christmas 2012 commercial can be titled “The Glove.”


In this commercial there are two brothers. We see on Christmas morning the older brother gets a baseball glove. He and his father play catch, and the boy goes on to play on a baseball team. Meanwhile, the younger brother is always looking on and copies his brother. On another Christmas, the older brother puts a red bow on his glove and hands it to his brother. Then the two brothers out outside to play catch.


Dick’s Sporting Goods is saying that a baseball glove or sporting gift is one that will propel activities and family bonding, they are gifts that will matter. One could also look at it in a more humorous way that the parents breed discontent between the brothers by only giving one of them the baseball glove, and for unknown reasons not buying the other brother one for several more years.

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The Killers Lyrics

When we were young (oh oh) we did enough
When it got cold (ooo ooo) we bundled up
I can’t be told (ah ah) it cant be done
It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all
The opposite of love’s indifference
So keep your head up, keep your love
Head up, love, love

Written Text

Give a gift that matters.
Every Glove
Every Gift
Every Christmas
Every Season
Every Season Starts at Dick’s Sporting Goods
Merry Christmas