On the next episode of SyFy’s Being Human we will be introduced to a new character, Suren, the daughter of Mother, played by Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse). As mentioned, this season is all about dark temptations for our three main characters, and Suren is it for Aidan.

Lachman participated in a phone call with the press today so we could learn a bit more about her character and the experiences she had playing Suren. If there is one thing to take away from all of these Being Human phone calls it is that the cast and crew are obviously very fond of one another and it is a great experience for anyone who comes on the show. Lachman clearly enjoyed her time filming her seven episode arc.

For Lachman, playing a vampire has always been on her list of things to do as an actor, so she was excited to play the role. And she immediately connected with Suren, understanding excatly how she was meant to be played. It also helped that she has become very comfortable in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy realm thanks to some guy named, Joss Whedon. She mentioned a secret hope that he would bring back Firefly in some way so she could fufill her dream to be in a Sci-Fi Western. Even though I couldn’t hear all the other members of the press on the call, I could still feel their collective sighs and whistful longings of such a wonderful thing happening. In fact I need a moment to think about it…..

Okay, I’m back. Let’s talk a bit about Suren, shall we? Suren is returning to Boston after 80 years in the ground – a punishment by Mother for whatever mysterious event they alluded to during episode 1. And while that is sure to make you angry, the result is really about “that resentment she has towards her mother” according to Lichman. Their relationship is strained at best. Lachmen says that Suren feel like “she can never do right by her mother, so she doesn’t even try. And when she does try, she fails.” But that relationship is just part of what we will be seeing.

The focus is really about her and Aidan. Lachman described their relationship as having a “very complicated past… very strong attraction.” They have known each other a long time, and while there has always been a connection, their relationship has never been… consumated. While Lachman evaded any questions about whether or not Suren and Aidan would be reaching that level she did say, “it builds in that direction.” So there is hope Aidan will get some action. Although once again, it seems to be with a crazy person.

And speaking of Aidan’s previous girl, Rebecca, don’t think just because he is once again getting involved with a slightly unstable vampire that this is just a redo of last season’s story. Rebecca was a new vampire with very little connection to that world. On the other hand Suren, “is from a different class of vampires. So it is much more complicated in a political sense than with Rebecca.” And that complication will bring a lot of extra drama to the temptation that Suren represents for Aidan. It also deeply effects Suren’s choices. She is aware of her fate and position in the vampire world, but her selfish attitude that does not care about vampires in general can be dangerous for both her and Aidan.

Lachman also discussed the creation of Suren. One of the main issues of putting the character together was her voice. As Lachman said, ““how does someone who is 500 years old or 1000 years old speak? Especially when they have been in the ground for 80 years.” There is also the matter of her attitude. Lachman described Suren as very “princessy,” which is easy to have fall into being a bit bitchy and unlikable. She worked hard to make Suren as someone that the viewers could like and relate to, even for a centuries old vampire that has been underground for 80 years.

Did she succeed? And just how much damage will Suren cause Aidan and the vampire community? To find out, be sure to tune in to Being Human on SyFy Mondays at 9pm.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae