dianna agron

I have a legitimate question, you guys. And while I am already imagining that die-hard Gleeks will respond angrily for me even raising the question, I don’t care. It’s just a question, okay? Now that we’ve settled down…  Dianna Agron is best-known for being Quinn on Glee, but she has other aspirations. She’s sold a screenplay. What I want to know is if she’s always been writing (and for how long), or if she’s just making good use out of her big fame right now.

The answer won’t affect whether or not I think her film is good. But if you’ve ever wondered why popular celebs are the ones who come out with all sorts of branded items (from pot holders to perfume) it’s because people will back already-established names, hoping they’ll do well. That doesn’t ever indicate the quality. I mean, Hayden Panettiere and Heidi Pratt both got record deals because of their established names. Quality? Pretty nil.

Dianna, we’re hoping you blow us away with your talent! Fingers crossed.

Agron also writes screenplays; her first, the story of a 28-year-old man’s relationships with three women, is already in development. While Agron’s scripts aren’t purely autobiographical, her experiences growing up Eloise-style in a high-end hotel—in her case, a San Francisco Hyatt where her father worked as general manager—provided her with plenty of fodder. “I got to see many walks of life—politicians, athletes, Tony Robbins,” she explains. “It was the ultimate fishbowl.”