“Work the ladies” encouraged fedora-wearing coach Christina Aguilera to Dez Duron, who performed second on the The Voice live episode tonight.

He performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (the Lauryn Hill version.)

And the ladies screamed. And screamed. And Aguilera sang along to the words.

Cee Lo said the performance was impeccable. He believes that with that much charisma and natural control he has natural sexual appeal – plus, oh yea, a great voice. “Makes you super cool,” Cee Lo said twice. So he’s basically super, super cool? When does one cancel out the other?

Adam declared this might be Duron’s avenue and style now. “It fits you the best.”

Blake Shelton referenced the Frankie Valli* version and then said he was an old guy. (He didn’t use the word “guy.”)

Christina Aguilera said he has a heart of gold and is the “real deal.” But will being called a “sweet pea” help his cred with the ladies?

*I’m not old enough, I was going to type “Valley.”

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