Are you ready for this? Below is the one-line episode synopsis for Dexter “This Little Piggy.” That’s right, as we get into Dexter Season 8 – the final season – secrets are being kept close to the blood spatter vest.

bethany joy lenz dexter

bethany joy lenz dexter

“This Little Piggy” Episode Synopsis: – Dexter and Debra try to keep Dr. Vogel safe.
Wow, do you feel like you just gained a ton of knowledge? Yea. So …

Dexter Season 8, Episode 5 Obvious Spoilers for “This Little Piggy”

dexter and harrison

dexter and harrison

You’ll remember, episode 4 ended with a car veering into a body of water. Debra was saved, and she went back to save Dexter, though she is the one who tried to kill them both.

Fun fact: I couldn't remember Desmond Harrington's last name so I thought of "Desmond Tutu" first. Because they're interchangeable. Duh.

Fun fact: I couldn’t remember Desmond Harrington’s last name so I thought of “Desmond Tutu” first. Because they’re interchangeable. Duh. Desmond Harrington, you cool with that? Send feedback. Tell us if you kept this shirt, too. I would. To burn. Or turn into a pirate flag.

  1. Debra lives.
  2. Dexter lives. (It would have been interesting if he hadn’t.)
  3. They don’t hate each other too much, because what’s a little attempted murder between siblings?
  4. The Brain Surgeon is still angry, and ready to get aggressive with Dr. Vogel.
  5. Dr. Vogel is still suspicious. Because that’s why she’s around. To be a vaguely ominous character that helps explain things while also making us worried. If you trust her, you’re naive, do you also send money to Nigerian Princes  you meet over e-mail?!
  6. Debra is going to make Quinn feel suspicious, too. Hey, what’s a little bit of murder confession between ex-lovers?!
  7. Based on pics…Bethany Joy Lenz is back on Dexter as a love interest for our title character. Jamie will encourage the union.
  8. Bethany’s character, Cassie, probably has some secret. Or will get killed. Or discover his secret. Or maybe, somehow, all of the above!
  9. But FIRST, Dexter is totally getting laid.
  10. Quinn continues to be metrosexual with a plum-colored shirt that we’re not even sure is made out of real fabric.
michael c hall 2013

michael c hall 2013

Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

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Dexter “This Little Piggy” Season 8 episode 5 airs on Sunday July 28, 2013 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Showtime. Don’t miss Dexter review coverage on Small Screen Scoop.