With the final season of Showtime’s Dexter quickly approaching, it’s time to make sure you are all caught up on the latest happenings of your favorite Miami based serial killer and his ever-present “dark passenger.”


Here’s what you get if you buy the DVD or Blu-Ray.

If you are a “I need all the special features” kind of person, much like I am, you may be a tad disappointed. The Blu-Ray I received (courtesy of Paramount, thanks guys!) had zero in the special features department. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t have a little something extra.

If you are interested in some sneak peeks at other Showtime series, and why wouldn’t you be as they have some solid stuff (Hi, Homeland), you can view the pilot of the Liev Schreiber series, Ray Donovan via an UltraViolet code. The DVD offers a tad bit more (which seems strange, since it costs less, but who am I to question these things?) – you also get a look at two current Showtime series – The Borgias and House of Lies. Plus a Biographies special feature.

Why the lack of features this time around? If I had to guess… the end is near for the series. They are probably saving a lot of good stuff for the inevitable box set to be released not long after the series finale airs.

So without the special features, why buy it? Because the series, even when it falters and goes cuckoo crazy pants (like Season 6), is just an intense and amazing ride through the crazy mind of Dexter. Season 7 really brings it back on track. The cast is brilliant, especially Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.

Plus, Season 7 offers a flurry of great guest stars including Yvonne Strahovski aka Sarah Walker to all you Chuck fans. You’ll also see other familiar faces like Ray Stevenson, Josh Cooke and Jason Gedrick. And if you are a fan of Supernatural or Justified – Jim Beaver shows up too!

Season 7 also has one of my all-time favorite episode title – “Surprise, M***erF***er!” That’s just plain fun right there!

Pick up Dexter Season 7 on Blu-Ray or DVD anywhere you choose to buy those sorts of things starting May 14.

Photos and DVD courtesy of Showtime.