Here are the biggest questions we were left with after Dexter “Swim Deep”

1. Why did Dexter lie for Hannah? (Yvonne Strahovski)
I can chalk this up to just mutual attraction, but it is Dexter we’re talking about here. He rarely gets attracted to anyone or anything that’s not blood. So why did Dexter not rat out Hannah even though he knows she helped murder people with Wayne? Is it because the case is pretty much closed anyway? Is it because she has immunity? Or is it because he feels connected to her? Hm, I’m going with the latter.

2. Are Deb and Dexter really going to hook up?
This is the question everyone’s dying to know. Some people are totally for it while others are totally disgusted by the thought of two psuedo-siblings doing it. But that’s seemingly where they are headed, right? The jury’s still out for me, but man was the sexual tension on point this episode! Deb basically watched Dexter undress in that sleazy hotel room and then told him he was “her hero.”

3. Did Dexter leave more evidence of his murders?
Now that LaGuerta is looking into the Bay Harbor Butcher case again, we’re starting to see even more mistakes our near-perfect protagonist has made. Luckily, Deb was there to save Dexter’s ass by tearing up a photo that LaGuerta was bound to find. But this just begs the question: what other evidence has Dexter left behind? And will it come back to bite him?

4. Will Batista let the suicide go?
Batista was pretty intent on looking into the suicide Isaac helped stage to cover up Mike’s murderer (Victor). Even after Dexter reassured him with the evidence, he pressed further. Deb might have told him to let it go, but that doesn’t mean he will. This could all blow up or blow over, so which will it be?

5. Will Isaak follow through on his threats?
Dexter’s well-thought out plan to get Isaak killed backfired as he outsmarted his attackers. Then their little jail talk proved Isaak was not going to stop until he got his revenge (even if he is rotting in a cell). I’m pretty sure this is not the last we’ll see of Isaak, but what will he do? And who will he hire to do it?

Written by Sharon Tharp