How patient can Isaak really be before he takes more action? We have some theories! Here’s our Dexter Season 7 episode 5 “Swim Deep” review!

Isaak Sirko is a patient man

But how patient can he be? I would have thought he’d want to have one of his “associates” go kill Dexter while he was locked up. But he said he specifically wants to be the one who kills Dexter. So this means… well, either he’s going to get free, or he plans to wait for however many years before he gets either way, it brings up a great question. Whenever Dexter has needed to tie up loose ends, he’s killed his way into a clearing. Literally he slashed his way free of horrible places by burying the truth, or at least letting it sink to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. But now he’s got a loose end he can’t get to. What happens when he can’t kill people to shut them up? What does that mean for his life, and Harrison’s?

Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) has secrets

Dexter knows that Hannah is guilty, but he’s protecting her. We have to ask.. why? She wasn’t killing bad people, she killed innocent victims. Now, if she pled her case in court she could use the defense that she was brainwashed or intimidated to help Wayne. But she won’t even have to do that, because she has immunity. It still doesn’t explain Dexter’s silence. Why does he want to protect her? Is it just because she’s pretty? Because he wants a cohort? Because he wants a friend? But could he ever trust her?

Yvonne Strahovski looks as pretty as ever. I even like her short hair, now. I’ve grown into it!

It’s hard to root for LaGuerta

Doakes was annoying. LaGuerta is annoying. She wants to clear his name, but … wouldn’t we rather she not?

The motel scene

For fans still hoping Deb will confess her romantic attraction to Dexter, they were thrown a bone here. She said something about how picturing that night like this. Although I shouldn’t, sometimes I can’t help but wonder how difficult certain scenes are for Jennifer Carpenter to do with her ex-husband. Sigh.


I loved how Deb and Dexter talked about their time as kids in Myrtle beach. It reflects their reality very neatly. Dexter was always running, and Deb could never catch up because she wouldn’t take off her flippers. I see this as a way of saying the flippers signify her sense of morals. She doesn’t want to play dirty. And then she said even if she took those flippers off, she still couldn’t quite catch Dexter anyway. Sure, she could wreck her entire life trying to save or stop her brother, but would she ever succeed? From Dexter, we then heard that his trick was to dive under and go to the depths. I take this to mean finding new ways… breaking the law and doing whatever he wanted, going into the underbelly of misdeeds. That’s how he stays ahead of the police department, after all. And that’s why he can do more than the entire team, because he doesn’t have to follow the letter of the law.

Dexter Season 7 Quotes from “Swim Deep”

“It never ends, does it? This maintenance.” – Mr. Morgan

“Life can be less complicated now.” – Dexter

“We are bros!” – Masuka (And then his forced fist dap with Joey!)

“Who’s saving whose ass now?” – Deb, eager to gloat

michael c hall

“What happened here, Dex?” – Deb, having a double meaning

“So we’re looking for the f#@king terminator?” – Deb

“I’m not some fat little man.” – Dexter

“F*#k nugget!” – Deb (Her entire elevator tantrum was priceless. I dubbed it her “F#*k Explotion.”)

“In F*#kville?” – Deb

“Are you lying to me?” – Deb
“I don’t think so.” – Dexter

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