Enjoy this Dexter “Sunshine and frosty Swirl” review!

Debra’s Reaction

She puked, she punched… but she did not arrest her brother. She used a tiny bit of sarcasm and humor to deal (“You gave it a name?”), of course. And she’s prepared to deal with this. It’s not cut-and-dry for her. “I still believe there is good in you, maybe more than most people.”

Dexter’s New Code

Surprisingly, Dexter wasn’t only ever BSing his sister. He’s actually trying, and proved that by not killing anyone while under her care. (A huge step.) He still is willing to lie, as witnessed by not mentioning why she was so tired (being drugged by him) or that he still had someone in his trunk. These are lies of omission. He also said he’d gone on a measly “errand” earlier that day when he’d broken into Louis’ apartment. Is he fixed? No. Likely, the hardest hurdles are only yet to come. But he’s got new rules to live by, and he’s trying to adhere to them.


So far, Louis has gotten off easily by not being killed. But do you really believe he’s only mad about Dexter insulting his game? He was so convincing, but we learned he was lying to Dexter about being ready to leave him alone. As Dex said, Louis is not afraid of him. And that’s a problem. Whether or not there’s more to Louis’ motivations, do we know what lengths he’ll go to when he’s pissed?

Dexter Quotes – Season 7

“You gave it a name?” -Deb
“I was ready to blow you.” – Masuka
“There have to be families more f*#(ed up than us. But I sure as hell wouldn’t want to meet ’em.” -Deb
“Do you have any A1?” -Dexter

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