Well, you heard the verdict. If you want to apologize to a sister, opt for a crueler.

Dexter Season 6 Review “Sin of Omission”

Another episode of Dexter, another death. But it’s not from Dexters hands’.

The Doomsday Killers are still (naturally) being called “DDK” and somehow it seems to cheapen the fact that these are serial killers. But I suppose cops have to use nicknames when they don’t have real names of their suspects.

Travis’ sister started out this episode as alive, and I was shocked. Because I had a bad feeling about her. You know why? Because she was so damn sweet and innocent. She seemed like a perfect victim. Travis asked her to go to Disneyland and that would have been a better alternative to death. And really, when someone asks you to go to Disneyland (or Disneyworld) the answer is always “yes!”

The religion this season doesn’t bother me the way it seems to bother some other critics. Dexter is struggling with religion and the things Brother Sam taught him. He wonders if he can admit that Brother Sam changed his life unless he makes a complete change. But the fact he even is thinking it’s possible means he’s changed a little.

On the other end of the spectrum, Geller isn’t unsure at all. He’s completely certain, and completely delusional. He’s more than just a little misguided.

I miss Brother Sam (Mos) but at least we got… his bloody Bible. At least Dexter doesn’t mind blood. If someone gave me a Bible soaked with the blood of a former friend I don’t think I’d want to keep it out in the open because it’s just creepy. But I don’t work with blood like Dexter. So I guess it’s less weird, for him… (Can you tell I’m still not sold on this idea? I mean, Harrison will stumble upon it eventually!)

Good ol’ Bro Sam definitely did change Dexter. Because now Dex is interested in being an inspiration of light and a role model for Travis.

It’s a good thing the “dark passenger” phrase is so unique, because they say it so often every season – and plenty of times in this one episode.

To break through to Travis and his dark passenger, Dex used the bible as logic. And it worked. However, in that dinner scene Travis’s logic about his sister made Dexter take a pause.

About 30 minutes into the episode, the gross stuff happened. Travis’ sister was the whore of Babylon. The most stomach churning thing about that entire tableau was probably the writing carved into her forehead. Nasty. I was wondering if taking out his sister would enrage Travis or make him lose his connection to humanity and just give up on trying to redeem himself. But he definitely was enraged (thankfully.)

It’s hard to figure out what happened to Gellar. But he definietly hates the mundane. So, there’s a clue.

One of my questions is why Travis (when chained) didn’t speak up to Dexter about how Geller was there. Doesn’t he want him caught? Did anyone else find this odd?

The B plot of this episode was about a dead call girl. Did you notice how phenomenal her apartment was? The lady had a lavender fainting couch!

Meanwhile, Laguerta is covering up this overdose for someone. I can’t figure out who. I guess that’s the point – to give us another mystery, and something for Laguerta to do other than make Deb’s life hell.

Gellar has now seen Dexter’s face. And he likes killing sisters. Should Deb watch out? Gellar already used Deb’s card on his latest victim, is it possible he’ll try to go after her?

More Things

  • I’m glad Deb made time for therapy! That therapists office is soothing. There was a great meta joke about Dexter killing her.
  • After hearing Geller talk about how “the whore” has to wear red makes me kind of want to not wear red.
  • Dexter got a nice chance to confess to a Father who had dementia. So he could actually confess to his real sins of murder. And he was absolved… so he’s got a clean slate. Technically. I guess.
  • The pen! I KNEW it was gonna come back to haunt Dexter. Deb IS a detective!
  • Elliot. Elliotsearchingengine.com. I could have sworn that was the URL. And if a TV show uses an URL they have to buy it and they usually then use it. But I can’t find it. There’s apparently not a real Elliot search engine. Or Eliot. Or anything. Nadda. UPDATE: It’s eliotsearchengine.com and it is a site… it’s for Masuka’s interns! TY to Chase!

Dexter Quotes

“Well, look what the fucking cat dragged in.” – Deb

“Fucking funerals and doughnuts. You’re really good.” – Deb

“No, now you have garden gnomes.” – Geller to Travis

“I need everyones asses on the fucking ball.” – Deb
“I’m gonna rearrange that sentence to make it hotter.” Masuka

“I’m gonna marry green thong.” – Quinn (He still has marriage issues.)

“Intern puppy dog.”

“I’ll fuck Masuka if this isn’t our guy.” – Deb

Grade: B

Rewatch: Yea, as a Dexter season 6 rewatch

React: What do you think of this episode? Do you always accept free pens? Do you think maybe you should think twice about that now?