Deb might need professional help, but what you need is a big heaping serving of these Dexter quotes.

desmond harrington

Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn in Dexter (Season 8, episode 3) – Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Dexter: Harrison, did you eat a whole box of Popsicles? … Why?
Harrison: Cause I love them.

Deb: Oh God, just please save me the lecture.

Deb: Thank God for professional courtesy.

Masuka: Ah, suicide. Makes our lives so much easier.

Vogel: You’re perfect as a psychopath. … It’s like you’re Michelangelo trying to play a banjo.

Vogel: You admitted to being the cause of her pain. How can you expect to be the solution?

jennifer carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 3) – Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Dexter: But where’s the body?

Dexter: You almost got a DUI?
Deb: I think the operative word is “almost.”

Dexter: He could be hunting me right now. Or he could be selling fitness equipment at the mall.

Dexter: That’s why the kitchen is so clean, it’s a kill room.

Vogel: Admit it Dexter, you’re mostly worried about you.

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