This is the final season of Dexter, giving this season premiere extra weight and significance. Let’s face it, I’m a super sentimental person and I’m already crying about Dexter ending. I hate when things change or end. Sigh. But we must raise a glass, because this is the final season premiere we’ll ever get from Dexter. Salut!

Episode 801

Deb has finally won me over. She’s even more reckless and wild, which isn’t appealing for me. So what gives? It’s what isn’t giving, actually. Her backbone is strong, and she’s not blind to Dexter, or letting him get his way. She’s being strong, and taking responsibility for things. That makes me do more than tolerate her and her very long, flat hair. I actually …well, I like her now. She’s a refreshing drop of humanity in the swirl of this show.

Dr. Evelyn Vogel is ready to shake things up with Dexter. As we learned in one of the last scenes of “A Beautiful Day,” she knows a lot more about Dexter than most do. In fact, she knows he’s a serial killer. So, why is she there and what does she want?

Will we all hate Dexter by the season 8 finale? Will Harrison survive? Will he see his siblings again? Will Deb and Dexter ever mend fences? And will Quinn ever die? Time will tell! But tell me in the comments if you ever thought Deb’s wild life was real, and not a cover? (I nearly bought it.)