We bet you smiled when you saw Dexter guess Deb’s password.

Episode 801

Dexter: There’s nothing like a crisis to help define who you are. A better person would feel bad about LaGuerta’s death. But the truth is, it solved all my problems. It’s gotten me back on track.

Dexter: I’m a survivor.

Dexter: Will you cover for me?
Masuka: I always do.

Dexter: I’m the only one who knows what happened. The only one who can help her. She needs me.

Dexter: People are crazy.

Debra’s Password: F*$king Password

Debra: You made me compromise everything about myself that I care about. And I hate you for it.
Dexter: No you don’t.
Debra: I shot the wrong person in that trailer.

Dexter: Jesus, Harrison. Look at what you did!

Deb: I am not lost.

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