Now that the Dexter season 6 finale has aired, it’s left us with plenty of questions for Dexter season 7!

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  1. Will Joey be transferred by the time Dexter season 7 pick’s back up on Showtime? This is probably the least pressing question, but there you go. Will this character be written into the void?
  2. How will Deb deal with Dexter? Will she report him to anyone at all? She puts herself in trouble if she doesn’t report him.
  3. What’s going to happen with Lewis and his weird hand-in-box deal? Will Dexter ever find that stupid box?
  4. Will Dexter lie about how many kills he’s done before? Will he used his Dad as leverage to get Deb to understand? That might make Deb understand things. Or she might resent her Dad and Dexter more than ever.
  5. Will Deb still be in love with Dexter? Or does seeing him murder someone kind of squash that?

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When does Dexter season 7 start? Right now there is no official premiere date. We’ll have it for you as we get updated!

Share your theories! If you answer some of those questions, you can start to form spoilers for what direction the show will go. We know we have a couple seasons of Dexter left, so that in itself gives us some information.