When faced with fight or flight, what do you do? (And pretend there’s a man with a bull mask chasing you, of course.) Here’s our Dexter Season 7 episode 4 “Run” review!

yvonne strahoski dexter

Bathtub Full of Blood
I think the tub full of blood dream with Dexter asking Deb, “Will you? Will you be mine? may have been Deb thinking of all the blood that Dexter has shed. Naturally she’s also thinking about Dexter in an unusual way… romantic? As a possible victim?

Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski)
We all must be wondering how involved Hannah was in those murders. And why does Dexter like her so much? Is it because she resembles Rita? Because he wants to believe she can understand him?

yvonne strahovski dexterRIP Rita
Did he love her? Do you believe him when he says he does? Do you believe he also loves Deb? It’s harder to believe that he loved Rita. Rita needed him, he fell into a routine, become beholden to her without meaning to… he cared about her. But can Dexter Morgan really love anyone? If he did, would he ask these things of Deb? Then again, doesn’t he love his son, in some way?

The Matter of Harrison
Any normal person, no matter how much they like Dexter, has to agree that giving up Harrison woudl be the right move. Now that Dexter has sent him away, will we see the kid again? I miss Cody and Aster.

Gotta Laugh

Dexter mimicking Speltzer, shaking his arms and yelling “Fuuuuu$k!” was  – in a word – hilarious. Make it a gif and let’s play it all teh time.

What would you grade this episode?

Dexter Season 7 Episode 4, Photo Credit: Randy Tepper for Showtime
“Run” was written by Wendy West. Also credit: Jeff Lindsay, James Manos Jr.