Last week, Deb was nearly killed by Speltzer and this week she takes a bubble bath. She dreams she’s in a bath full of blood and Dexter confesses he has feelings for her. Oh, Deb. She may be more effed up than her serial killer brother.

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Dexter and Masuka look into Speltzer’s shrine at the mausoleum, but find zero traces of DNA. Deb drags Dexter into a back alley and confronts him about the truth of Trinity and Rita’s deaths. “Did you love her?” she asks. “Are you even capable of love?” I get unknown chills as he immediately responds, “I love you.” Wow. I think I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of these two getting together romantically. And I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. She blames him for Rita’s death and tells him that Harrison should go live with Astor and Cody’s grandparents in Orlando, which – oh hey, those kids still exist! Later, Dexter decides to do just that.

The cops bring in Speltzer for questioning about last week’s murder and they need a confession or he walks. Batista goes in first, but gets nothing. So Deb heads in and slowly insults the crap out of his mother. She even suggests that he wanted to have sex with her, which is actually kind of hypocritical since, you know, she wants to do her own brother. But we won’t get into that now. The insults work and Speltzer snaps. “I should have killed you like I killed that other bitch.” Boom.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian mob boss, Isaac, is looking more into Dexter now that dead Louis outed him. He tells the manager of the strip club to turn over the bartender and frame him for Victor’s death! It’s one of the most messed up scenes I’ve witnessed in recent memory. This guy has a family in Kursk and he’s just trying to provide for them. So Isaac promises to take care of his family if he kills himself with Victor’s murder weapon. Poor guy. He writes a fake suicide note, confessing to Mike’s murder and Miami Metro finds it. Batista questions the suicide though, which makes me think he might actually be good at his job. Maybe.

Quinn shuts down the strip club once again to put pressure on them to turn Victor in, who unbeknownst to them is already dead thanks to Dexter. Another detective I’ve never seen before calls Quinn out for sleeping with Nadia, that stripper lady. He’s not sleeping with her… yet. But the biggest shock (or not really) is that Quinn used to be what I think people call a “dirty cop.” Quinn claims innocence, but it’s clear he used to accept bribes. I’m guessing this information will be used against him later this season.

Meanwhile, Hannah McKay stops by Homicide and conveniently runs into Dexter. She asks about Wayne’s last words and Dexter tells her they were about her. They flirt a little and she leaves never be seen again. (If this is his new love interest, they are moving pretty freakin’ slow with it.) That’s when LaGuerta breaks the bad news to Deb that the officers who arrested Speltzer never received confirmation that he understood his Miranda rights. So he’s out on a technicality, which is where Dexter comes in.

He heads over to the cemetery and sneaks into Speltzer’s creepy RV, but gets caught just as he discovers the trophy collection of earrings he keeps from his victims. Is it just me or has Dexter not been on his game recently? He’s been making so many mistakes! He gets knocked unconscious and wakes up in this dude’s maze with a note that tells him to “Run.” Dexter doesn’t run, he says to himself. Yet he does. And he gets away, luckily.

Isaac shows up at Victor’s apartment and starts weeping over a photo of the two of them together. So either he was Victor’s father or lover. Regardless, he promises to avenge his death, which is bad news for Dex.

The now-free Speltzer pays a little visit to Katja’s funeral and Deb goes ape-shit on him. Taking that as a sign he should help out, Dexter kills Speltzer by stabbing him with the end of a shovel and burning his body in the incinerator with his blood slides! “Goodbye, friends,” he says. Deb picks him up and he confesses what he just did. “Did you do this for me?” she asks. He says no and she admits she’s happy he’s dead. Does this mean Deb accepts Dexter’s Dark Passenger? Will they do it? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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