After six years of some unbelievable near misses, Dexter Morgan’s Dark Passenger was finally exposed to his sister Deb during tonight’s season premiere. We picked up exactly where we left off last season and boy, was it worth the wait.

As expected, Deb was completely dumbfounded to find her brother standing over an altar with a knife in his hand and Travis Marshall’s slain body wrapped in plastic. After coming up with a rather lame excuse (for Dexter’s standards anyway), Deb dropped her gun and tried to make sense of the scene. And as any normal Miami Metro Lieutenant would do, she picked up her phone to call for backup, but not before Dexter reminded her he’d undoubtedly go to jail. This looked really, really bad. Even if it was “self-defense.”

Deb reluctantly helped Dexter cover his tracks and torch the place because – hey – it’s her brother. But, Dexter’s haste caught up with him and he made a mistake for the first time maybe ever. He left his blood slide behind and La Guerta was there to pick it up. She submitted the slide to forensics and inquired about who could possibly have taken a blood sample. The only person Masuka ever knew to do that was Doakes, better known as (the scapegoat for) the Bay Harbor Butcher. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Mike caught on to the fact that Travis’ car wasn’t found at the crime scene and instead of causing suspicion, Deb told him he could look into it. But lucky for her (relatively, I mean), he wouldn’t get far. Mike came across a man with a flat tire and tried to help, only to uncover a dead stripper in the trunk and get shot to death. The murderer then drove off with Mike’s car.

But Dexter wasn’t far behind. He found prints everyone else overlooked (he’s a professional, you guys) and caught up with him at the airport. Using his emergency getaway pack to get past security, he drugged the guy and wheeled him into an unclaimed baggage area where he set up his kill room. (Don’t these rooms have cameras?) Nevertheless, he pulled it off as he (almost) always does.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Batista hit up the local mob-owned stripper joint to find out more about the girl in the trunk, but came up empty-handed when no one would talk. Oh, and Dexter found crazy Louis creeping around his computer.

As the hour ticked by, Deb pieced more and more information together as she remembered things from the past and grilled Dexter on the details. Could her brother be a murderer and she not know it? How could she let this happen right under her nose? Dexter came home to find his apartment ripped to shreds and Deb maniacally sitting in front of his blood slide box. “Are you a serial killer?” she asked him, to which he simply exhaled with a, “Yes.”

Dun. Dun. Dun! This season is only warming up. And even though it’s not very hard to top last season’s mediocre storylines (sorry, but they were bad), I think we’re in for one wild ride this year. I’m even starting to warm up to the idea of Deb and Dexter being together, romantically. It may sound crazy, the next few episodes get even crazier. Just you wait.

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Dexter airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk with her about all things TV.

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