Here are quotes from the Dexter season 7 episode “Chemistry.”

yvonne strahovski dexter

“So why am I walking away from this? Because when some chemicals mix they combust…and explode” – Dexter

“Chemistry, I’ve heard some people have it. An attraction that can’t be quantified or explained. Is that the reason for this loss of control?” – Dexter

Boy did he pick the wrong car. – Dexter, on a motorcycle biker who flipped him and Hannah off.

Well, so long as I’m waiting around to kill you I thought we might have a little chat. – Isaak

Sometimes life subtracts. Sometimes it adds. – Hannah McKay

We were looking out for each other. That’s big for people like us. Maybe even historic. – Hannah McKay Quotes

I f#*king can’t have a drink with someone without them dying. – Deb

You know, my Grandma had this saying… Trust those who seek the truth, but doubt those who say that they have found it. My Grandma wasn’t ever wrong. – Hannah McKay

You’re a killer, Miss McKay. You’re a good one, I’ll give you that. – Deb

So you think I’m bad? – Hannah
Yes, as a general description. – Dexter Quotes

Miami’s a little overcrowded. By one. – Isaak

You know, sometimes life just needs to be taken. There’s no need to dress it up. – Hannah McKay

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Photo: Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah McKay- Showtime. This episode was written by Tim Schlattmann.