Just when I thought this season was going nowhere with Dexter so blindly in love, I’m completely blindsided by the very direct approach the writers took in this season’s finale. I was not expecting Dexter’s arrest to 1) be real and 2) be a set-up masterminded by Dexter himself. While there were minor flaws here and there, I can’t complain when my eyes were glued to the television screen that entire hour.

Here are the 5 burning questions we were left with for Dexter season 8!

Dexter season 7 finale spoilers under the jump!

1. How will Deb cope with being a murderer?
We’ve seen Deb struggle with her brother’s secret serial killer status all season and she’s been popping Xanax like it’s candy. How will she be able to handle having an innocent person’s blood on her hands? (Answer: probably not well.) More importantly, how will this affect Dexter? He’s never felt much guilt unless it’s where Deb is concerned. He didn’t want her involved at all and now she’s a cold-blooded murderer. I really just have no words.

2. Will the scene really play out as they wanted?
So, we’re supposed to assume LaGuerta died and they cleaned it all up, right? That’s why we saw them back at the party? OK. That doesn’t exactly seem like a half-hour job, but I don’t care because the scene when they arrive back at Batista’s party is one of my favorites too. The look of sheer frightened almost-comradery as she held his arm, all the while they were “bonding” over having just killed the captain of Miami Metro… I just can’t.

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3. What will Hannah do now that she’s escaped?
Granted I find it hard to believe Hannah wouldn’t have an officer by her bedside at all times (she is charged with murder, ya know), I thought Yvonne Strahovski was absolutely brilliant this episode. Her menacing stares at Deb and that whole scene between the two of them played out perfectly. It was like they were two high school girls pining after the same guy, except this time there’s murder involved and they use big words like “hypocrite.”

4. Are Jamie and Quinn going to hook up?
What was that little flirting scene about, other than to hint at something more in the future? Quinn has nothing else going on. The stripper he apparently loved is off in Vegas and he’s all by his lonesome now. I guess they won’t be killing him off? Meh.

5. Is Batista gone for good?
With LaGuerta dead, I’m pretty sure Batista will be redacting his retirement. Will he take on his ex-lovers suspicions? Will Dexter be free of accusations? WE DON’T KNOW!

Such a great finale, in my opinion. Oh, and can we get Jennifer Carpenter an Emmy nod already? Sheesh.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk all things TV.