Tonight’s episode may not have been action-packed, but let me say this: If Jennifer Carpenter doesn’t get an Emmy nod for her flawless acting in at least that ONE scene that was a long time coming, I give up. She was absolutely brilliant.

But let’s get to the 5 burning questions we were left with after watching “Argentina”:

When will Quinn be found out?
This is a question that appears every week, I know. Why? Because this storyline is moving really, really slowly amid all the other crazy drama at Miami Metro. But it’s quite obvious we’re leading up to something, right? Quinn is too far in. He’s past the point of return and every week he’ll dig himself a deeper hole, I’m sure. But sooner than later, things will blow up in our favorite bad boy’s face. It’s only a matter of time.

Will Isaak and Dexter continue to go after one another?

While it seemed a little out there, I did enjoy the interaction and conversation between Isaak and Dexter. He was so hell-bent on killing Dexter for revenge, but then sat down and had a drink with him? I suppose that’s possible given there’s a hit out to kill him and he no longer has friends in the Ukranian mob. But still, I’m torn about the whole thing. I’m excited to see what happens and if they continue to be enemies.

How long will it be until LaGuerta confronts Dexter?
This is another question that will stand for a while. We’re obviously leading up to LaGuerta’s realization that Dexter was involved with the Bay Harbor Butcher murders, but when will she actually say something to him? Or Deb? Tonight she noticed Dexter moved his boat slip at a very specific and notable date. But let’s get to my bigger point, which I’ve been saying for weeks now. I am more than convinced LaGuerta is going to bite the dust this season. She knows too much, but what was even more telling, to me anyway, was that she stopped to congratulate her former lover Batista on his new restaurant. Sure, they haven’t had much interaction the past two seasons, but what she said and how she said seemed very final. Maybe I’m wrong, but nothing good is coming, regardless.

What will Dexter do about Deb’s feelings for him?

Yes, kids. Tonight Deb finally fessed up to her controversial feelings for her adopted brother. This has been a source of major debate over the past season, but as I’ve expressed, I’ve warmed up to the idea. Not the idea of them getting together, but the idea that this isn’t completely out of the realm of believability. Deb doesn’t have many people to turn to in her life and she certainly doesn’t have the best luck in love, but her confession to Dexter tonight crushed me. His reaction was perfect. Her reaction was perfect. And by God, if Jennifer Carpenter doesn’t get an Emmy nod, I will RAGE.

How long will Dexter and Hannah last?
I’ve made it no secret I’m not a huge fan of Dexter and Hannah’s new relationship, but it definitely took some strides this episode as she learned about his family. He didn’t admit he was “in love” with her, but it’s been hinting at that for a while. I’m not totally convinced and I don’t feel the connection is as strong as others, but I’ll play along for the time being. It should be interesting to see how Deb’s confession factors into all of this madness.

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Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk all things TV.

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