Oh, hello, watercooler TV moments! Two scenes in this Dexter finale struck me as immensely symbolic. Read on for my complete, sometimes rambly, Dexter season 7 episode 12 “Surprise Motherf**ker” review of the finale that aired last night on Showtime.

Hannah + Deb: The guilty party revealed?

Hannah confessed to trying to kill Deb, and I still don’t believe it. I’m so curious to get other takes on this! I mean, is it possible that Hannah is so calm and smart and unhinged that she decided that she could deal with herself and she loved Dexter so much she didn’t want to make him hate his own sister for what was now done? (Is Deb did this, it might be part of why she shot LaGuerta, a guilty conscience that made her feel she owed Dexter?)

If we take it at face-value, then Hannah admits she tried to kill Deb. But if you look at Hannah’s calculated reaction and the way she teased Deb in the court… I think it’s a very good chance that Deb poisoned herself.

But now Hannah is in the wind. Will Yvonne Strahovski be back on Dexter someday? It could happen. Hannah loves Dexter, that’s why she left him a plant before she took off to…Argentina? Do you think she’ll finally make it there?

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Hannah + Dexter: A jail visit

The symbolism and image of Dexter’s outreached hand towards Hannah in this scene… How his arm was only partially extended and he wanted Hannah, but she was also being sent away by the same hand of his. I loved that moment. And he couldn’t even reach out fully for her. He wanted this – this future – and her, so much. But he still couldn’t have it. Because there were complications.

LaGuerta + Miami Metro: The cheese stands alone

It was fun to see everyone thinking Maria was crazy. I can’t even… it was just such great TV. She looked crazy, but we knew she wasn’t.

Deb + LaGuerta: Take him down

We’d probably all like to die as innocent as possible, maybe even as heroes. For the character of Maria LaGuerta, she died as a villain whose death I think many of us rooted for. And despite those facts, she was the innocent victim. Her death seemed inevitable at times, but at the end if was a shocking move, maybe moreso for the fact of who did the deed.

LaGuerta is now Deb’s first purposeful kill. I can’t imagine her taking up a serial killing lifestyle like Dexter, but the profound effect that killing someone who was an innocent coworker will obviously take some sort of toll on her.

Deborah went to the shipping yard to stop Dexter. But when she got there, it seemed too late. She could have done a million things when she discovered the scene. She could have walked out, she could have arrested Dexter, shot him… told him to finish his job, even. But in that fight-or-flight trigger response, she choose her brother. She she probably shouldn’t have.

The scene was beautiful. Jennifer Carpenter was channeling some disco New Years look with the sparkly navy dress, and the choice to have Deb be barefoot was so smart. Not only does it make sense that Deborah would leave her shoes in her car while running, but seeing her bare feet tucked under her as she got to her knees in front of the woman she shot was a stirring image. It conjured up images of innocence – like young children praying. And certainly Deb will be praying for redemption, now.

We should go on to talk about how wonderfully Jennifer Carpenter did with these final scenes (really – all scenes – I loved her in the office with LaGuerta) and the crying (oh God, the crying!), and the dazed looks as midnight struck…

Not to be overly dramatic, but we’re all beginning a new chapter with Dexter season 8. Like, a really, really real new chapter.

What would you grade the Dexter season 7 finale? Do you think Hannah really tried to poison Deb? Do you think Deb will go crazy now that she’s a killer-ish? Were a lot of other character storylines seemingly pointless? Do you want Yvonne Strahovski to come back for Dexter season 8? Are you gonna start saying “do what you gotta do” to people all the time now?

Dexter Season 7 Episode 12 “Surprise Motherf**ker!” Review | Written by Scott Buck and Wendy West | Photo Credit: Showtime

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