Well, THAT happened. And we’ve got some debating theories going on over here… Read on for our Dexter season 7 episode 11 “Do You See What I See” review. Please be aware that Dexter season 7 spoilers are below this line. For realsies. You won’t get another warning!

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Will she ever accept that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher? Well, not now! Damn. She followed a hunch and it’s paying off. But because of the nature of the show, I find myself rooting against her at every turn. She’s smart, which is a problem. And I doubt Dexter would ever kill her. So what can they do now on the show to resolve this? Either there’s another patsy, or LaGuerta will die. That’s my theory, at least. and I think Angel will die with her. Or they’ll both almost die. Either way, I think Lauren Velez might be leaving the show. I think LaGuerta’s idea to trap Dexter was pretty smart. Who else would want to kill that guy? And it was the Bay Harbor Butcher set-up… I’m surprised Dexter didn’t go fleeing the state after it happened.

Angel Batista’s Journey

Certainly the series isn’t going to send Batista into the void with a happy ending. Right? Angel mentioning that he’s ready to leave puts a high warning alert around his character. Is David Zayas leaving Dexter? Anything is possible. Do you guys have similar suspicions?

Quinn’s Gal

Is there any way that he’s making it out of this season alive? We used to think he was going to end up in a body bag… but maybe he’ll survive. I feel over his storyline, but it’s obviously going to play out into the finale. Did Nadia really go to Las Vegas willingly, and just leave him a note? It’s all pretty suspicious. Although he must have known this was a pretty shady world from the get-go, so it’s not blindsiding him.

Dexter’s Future Perfect Life

It was sweet to see Dexter’s fantasy of a future. For those wondering, 17 year old Harrison was played by Lucas Adams. They made Michael C. Hall look older, but I was trying to figure out if they did anything to Yvonne Strahovski to age her… and I don’t think so. Whether it’s because they think she’d age well or Dexter’s subconscious refuses to think his perfect wife would ever get a gray hair.

Did Hannah poison Deborah?

This is the big question. Technically, they answered it. But did they really? Really? No. Think about it. This may not blow your mind, but I’m going to suggest that Deborah poisoned herself to frame Hannah. Of course, Hannah killed the writer with the poisoned pen, so she is guilty. But I think Dexter is going to learn that Hannah really didn’t poison his sister. Otherwise, Deb would be dead. Deb wanted Dexter to kill Hannah, and she was jealous and wanted her gone. She was on those anti-anxiety pills and put some in her water, knowing Dexter would look, find, and test it. She didn’t take enough to kill her. This is my theory.

What would you grade this episode? Do you think Deb may have poisoned herself? Most importantly, how much did you love Masuka dressed as an elf?

Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 “Do You See What I See” Review | Written by Tim Schlattmann and Manny Coto | Photo Credit: Showtime