While I made it pretty clear that last week’s episode wasn’t my favorite, I think this week’s Dexter took a step back in the right direction, giving us a perfect setup for the season finale. I’m just hoping we tie up some of the rather unbelievable loose ends and really make the next (and last) season a strong one.

Here are the 5 burning questions we were left with after watching “Do You See What I See?”:

1. Will Hannah actually be charged?
The scenes between Dexter and Hannah were especially poignant this week. It was the first time I actually felt their connection. Prior to this week, it always felt a little forced to me and I was never a fan of their relationship. And maybe I’m still not. But I could appreciate what her character brought to the table and how Dexter has changed because of her. It wasn’t until he was accusing her of poisoning Deb and later turning her in for it that really made me feel sorry for these two. Which brings me to my next question…

2. Did Deb set Hannah up?
I know this is crazy, but the entire time Hannah was explaining herself to Dexter, I kept thinking, “Wow, what if Deb actually crushed up her own anxiety medicine?” Obviously, not enough to die, but enough to convince her brother to get rid of her biggest threat. Hannah made some good points. She doesn’t make mistakes. And killing Deb would be a little too easy for her. How could she expect a future with Dexter if she blatantly killed the only other person he loves?

3. Where does this leave Dexter and his future?
The backdrop of this episode was Dexter’s future and his inherent avoidance of it. For the first time ever, he thought about spending the rest of his life with someone. That came to a halt after Deb’s accident, but it opened up a lot of good discussion points. Will Dexter meet his demise sooner than later? Is he deserving of a future? “It’s not the future I wanted with Hannah,” he said. “But maybe it’s what I deserve.” That just makes me incredibly sad for him. Does Dexter deserve to live happily ever after?

4. Will Quinn leave for Vegas?
As Quinn’s screen time diminishes more and more with each week, I wonder where our favorite bad boy will end up. Now that the threat of the Ukrainian mob is gone and Nadia fled to Vegas, will Quinn follow her? It just makes logical sense for this to be his “out.” Right? Do I think he and Nadia have something real? Meh. (I preferred him with Deb, actually.) But it seems the writers are trying to focus more on the deconstruction of Dexter and his relationships. Will that leave enough of a story to include Quinn in the last season?

5. Will LaGuerta give up on vindicating Doakes?
LaGuerta nearly caught Dexter murdering someone, which I admit was a brilliant plot point. The fact that she’s so convinced he is the Bay Harbor Butcher that she released his biggest enemy from jail to set him up, it was genius. But where does this leave Estrada? The guy isn’t dead. Even though Dexter covered his tracks by planting a boat yard belonging to Doakes, can’t LaGuerta just question Estrada? Wouldn’t he tell her Dexter attacked him? I hope the writers don’t ignore this point, which seems to happen fairly often. I don’t think LaGuerta will let up just yet. And I hope she doesn’t.

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Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk all things TV.

Photo Credit: Showtime