Every week I find it increasingly harder to put into words my feelings about that week’s episode of Dexter. As someone who’s been long-since frustrated with the show, I was pleasantly surprised by the start of this season and where they would take the story. Deb knowing her brother is a serial killer had the potential for endless intrigue. Sadly, I think this season is straying too far away to keep my suspension of disbelief intact.

Nevertheless, let’s get to the 5 burning questions we were left with after watching “The Dark… Whatever”:

1. Will Dexter go rogue?
Arguably the biggest revelation of the episode, Dexter finally realized that his “Dark Passenger” was merely an excuse. For years, he’s been at the mercy of this force that tells him to kill and obey Harry’s Code. But with the help of his new love Hannah (ugh, they exchanged “I love you’s”), our antihero had an epiphany of sorts. He began to accept that the urge to kill is his and his alone. Will this stark realization be Dexter’s ultimate downfall? It certainly helped him murder Hannah’s father, someone who was definitely outside his normal Code. Will he just start killing anyone now?

dexter hannah mckay

2. What will happen with Hannah’s witness?
Before Dexter decided to kill his girlfriend’s father, the jerk left a very important message for Deb, detailing a murder witness who saw Hannah kill some counselor. Obviously, Deb is still very intent on getting Hannah locked up for a number of reasons, so what will come of this witness and Hannah? Will Dexter end up losing the only person he was ever capable of loving?

3. What will the next big case be?
With Issak dead, this week paved the way for the phantom firestarter story to develop. Dexter found out who was starting the fires and nearly killed the guy, that is until he realized how similar they were. The dude was insistent that his childhood friend “Bobby” was causing him to murder innocent people. In this case, Bobby is very much another way of describing Dexter’s “Dark Passenger.” So ultimately, he let Deb and Miami Metro find the guy instead. With the season winding down, will we get another keep-us-busy case? (Hope not.)

4. What will come of Quinn now that George is dead?
I was convinced Quinn was as good as dead last week, and even though he managed to kill George, is this really the end of it? George certainly wasn’t the only person who knew Quinn was accepting bribes, right? Not to mention, Batista isn’t stupid. He knows full-well the length of time between shots means George’s murder couldn’t have possibly been self-defense. So will he find out that Nadia shot Quinn to cover it up? Or will Quinn’s problems just disappear now that the Miami hub of the Ukrainian mob is seemingly dead?

5. How will Dexter handle La Guerta and Matthews’ accusations?
La Guerta is fairly certain at this point that Dexter Morgan is the Bay Harbor Butcher. With the help of Matthews, she followed some leads and found out Doakes died on the property of one of the men who killed Dexter’s mother. And Matthews tells La Guerta about Dexter’s past and how he witnessed her murder. They are also very much aware that the Ice Truck Killer was his brother. That’s a little too much information to just be coincidence, right? Matthews was a good friend of Harry’s so he’s still skeptical about the whole thing, but it’s pretty clear La Guerta will stop at nothing to vindicate her former friend.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments! Photo: Showtime.

Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk all things TV.