Swim under that ring of fire and let’s get on to this Dexter review. We have some uh, big developments to talk about.

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Dexter Review “Talk to the Hand”

This episode started out with the wormwood gas, and knowing Miami Metro Homicide was a target. When we learned exactly how much Travis has targeted Deb, I thought that making her a Lieutenant was a nice way of making her seem important enough to be a target of a serial killer again without making it seem so “but we’ve done this before.” And while I find Deb to be a very vulnerable character, I feel that by the time this episode ended, she’d decided to step up to the plate and own some more confidence. It’s even reflected physically – she’s got longer, shinier hair and her clothing is a little more polished. She’s refusing to be a victim, even though she’s still a bit of a child sometimes.

The storyline about the call girl and Matthews hasn’t kept my interest all that much, and I guess the end game there was simply to kick Matthews to the side and put LaGuerta in even more power. Man, was LaGuerta always this bad? It’s a smart play on her part, but damn evil. And while the therapist Deb has been seeing isn’t evil, maybe she should help Deb deal with people like LaGuerta instead of … well, you know.

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dexter and debSo, one of the biggest OMG moments of the episodes was having Deb’s therapist suggest that Deb may be sabotaging her relationships with men because she’s secretly been in love with Dexter this whole time. Well,  Deb never thought about it before. She denies it and ends therapy. But later she has a dream about Dexter. I believe this is more of a “power of suggestion” thing… or at least I’d like to. While Deb and Dexter aren’t biologically related, I’ve never shipped this pair. I think Dexter has been a great brother for Deb, and he’s saved her life a ton so she does have a hero worship mentality about him. It makes sense that she’d talk so much about him.

But that dream does seem to reveal a bit more. It was pretty obviously a dream from the get-go, since viewers knew Dexter was setting up his kill room on a boat. It was also hyper-realized with close-up’s and while everything Dexter said sounded like him it seemed like an idealized version of him. I bet that Jennifer Carpenter figured she’d never have to kiss Michael C. Hall on Dexter since they were playing onscreen siblings, but … yea.

Dexter is learning tons about himself these days. One of his first breakthrough’s was that if he hadn’t called and left that anonymous tip Angel would likely be dead. So working with Miami Metro isn’t always bad. Of course, this doesn’t stop him from still trying to be a vigilante.

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Though he was reluctant to accept the title of “hero” that’s what he was when he was in this episode. He managed to shove the crazy believer lady into a locked room with her poisonous gas of doom. Even if you can believe the timing of it all, can you really believe the luck of having a door right there? Not that doors aren’t in buildings… It simply seems a little … eh. Anticlimactic! Travis doesn’t even know this happened until much l ater when he’s sharing some frozen y yogurt with a cat. He’s upset, but he seems to get over it pretty fast. He has to go do his Lake of Fire tableau!

dexter talk to the handSpeaking of, another thing Dexter learned was that he could swim under a ring of fire! It almost sounds like  a riddle, but I suppose it does make sense that the fire would only be on the top coating where the gasoline is. I’d be terrified to do it ,though. Travis likely considers Dexter to be dead since he was tied to the boat with the all of that gasoline… but Dexter had more luck as he got free.

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Miami Metro hasn’t had much luck lately, though. Not only do they have this DDK case, but Masuka hasn’t been able to find a good intern. Sure, he thinks Lewis is great… but Lewis is actually a bit deranged. In this episode we see him drawing on the Ice Truck Killer victim’s hand and then mailing it to Dexter. Why?

Stray observations:

When Dexter has a nosebleed that drips on the bible it strikes me as symbolic of how much blood that particular bible has seen. I’m not sure if you are allowed to throw out a bible… but I wouldn’t want to keep one covered in blood.

Travis is an excellent painter, and that image of Dexter’s head as the beast was really creepy.

Dexter’s fake tableau of the lake of fire with the fountain, blood and corpse hand was actually better than Travis’.

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