In this Dexter review you’ll find an Arrested Development reference, why we should all look into cryogenics, and the best quotes of this season 6 episode.

Dexter Ricochet Rabbit Review

Early on in the episode Dexter admits that he’s, “made a terrible mistake.” This swung my memory to the often repeated quote on Arrested Development (“I’ve made a huge mistake.”) However, there was no comedy here. Right away, “Ricochet Rabbit” (what kind of name is that for a boat?) gave us plenty of exposition to explain the entire Gellar/Travis backstory. But boring exposition is still boring exposition, even if it’s delivered in part by a long dead man who is currently being hallucinated and conjured up by a serial killer.

What we learned about Gellar is that he’s been dead for three years. But you guys saw that body in the freezer, it was pretty decently well preserved looking. Maybe there’s more to this cryogenics’s stuff than we think.

I had thought Dexter getting free from the basement would be a bit of a task, but it wasn’t all that much of a hassle at all. I’ll admit that while Dex peeked from the bars of a little window I really wanted him to call out, “Hey, Travis? False prophet down here. Can you give me a little help?” Dexter got free, although the writers missed out on a cool moment where Miami Metro could have almost broken in and found Dexter in the church. Although maybe we’re done with people suspecting Dexter of being bad/corrupt/sneaky. Then again, after everything Deb said in the episode I feel like she’s going to find out about Dexter before anyone else.

Moving along, that chopped off hand came in handy (pun) once again and that was pretty creepy to watch. Dexter’s plan to dispose of Gellar seems like a dumb thing to do. If Dexter chops up the evidence, that’s in Travis’ favor. Not to mention that Dexter only hurts his sister’s career now when he tries to avenge everything on his own. Luckily, he learned that lesson. But we’re not to that part yet.

So, Deb is probably not pregnant but we did learn why she had a panic attack in the church. That was a neat little psychological aspect to the character, as was learning how she used to sneak in to sleep on Dexter’s floor just to feel safe (and he was never even aware of it.)

Is anyone going to try e-mailing the addresses seen in this episode? They’re doomsday_adam@mail.web and 1260@anonymousmail.web.

Dexter talked about his job vs his work. A job is something you have to do, and you probably do not enjoy. But work is more passion-based. Another interesting psychological nugget! (While I think Dexter feels he has to do his work, he probably enjoys and takes more pride from it.)

Steve and Beth (hey isn’t that Jordana Spiro from My Boys?) were both pretty fast to agree in assisting murder. I really hope most people aren’t so easily convinced. I definitely think Travis missed his calling as a cult leader.

Was Holly Benson someone that Travis knew? His other two kills (his sister and the professor) had both been personal. I can’t quite remember if Holly was picked up synonymously or not… either way, Travis was able to track her down.

There’s not much to say about Quinn other than he represents a pretty easygoing lifestyle right now. I’m sure we’re supposed to think he’s a disgrace but the scene where he’s napping with his feet out of his car window and there’s a bright sun, and sprinklers, and music… well, for someone who is about to live through a dreary winter it seems pretty damn nice. And I really love how Batista is looking out for Quinn.

Lewis’ big secret seems to have been revealed as the idea behind his video game being about taking on the point of view of a serial killer. I do think it’s a bad game, but as far as secrets go it’s not especially juicy.

Wormwood is a bomb. It’s also someone’s name is Harry Potter. And now that Batista has gone down with a cross (boom!) it looks like wormwood is going to be deployed at the Miami Metro Police Department. But at least Dexter has surrendered and decided that catching Travis before he does anything with the poison gas is more important than catching him before anyone else does. My one complaint here is that Dexter didn’t wait to exit the crime scene before he called 911! Hello, incriminating evidence.

Words I’m tired of hearing on Dexter: Dark Passenger, Tableau, f*ckpad
Dexter season 6 Quotes

“Slam Pig.” What is a slam pig? Oh. I just googled. Nevermind.

“She’s my Dad’s Sexretary.”

“Time to play find the f*ckpad.” – Dexter

“Now that I’ve done my job I can get on with my work.” – Dexter

“Maybe you’re pregnant.” – Dexter
“First of all, f*ck you.” – Deb

“Do you mind if I come in, I’m being hunted.” – Travis

Grade: B

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