If Dexter season 6 is trying to prove it can show more creepy imagery than other shows, they can stop now! In “Smokey and the Bandit” there were two bondage/torture scenes (basically lightweight for Dexter viewers, now) as well as some zombie horsemen and a box of old teeth pulled from dead prostitutes.

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Billy Brown as Mike Anderson and Jennifer Carpenter as Debora Morgan (Season 6, episode 3) - Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

The Tooth Fairy can be frightening in general because she’s breaking into your house and she wants – of all things – a piece of your body! But nothing is more frightening than the idea of a menacing Tooth Fairy would going in and pulling out one of your teeth. I wince just thinking about it. (And I brush my teeth a lot, so that dentures hopefully won’t ever become necessary.) This weeks Big Bad was a serial killer that Dexter had worshiped as a teenager, nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy.”

But now, this killer was old. Rest Home Old. Adult Diapers Old. The kind of old we tell ourselves we’ll never actually have to be. But it turns out that even the most gruesome of souls succomb to old age like the rest of us. Once Dexter realized he had the actual Tooth Fairy, a death was imminent. And a murder did happen. But Dexter, having heard of the man’s son, decided to make it look like a peaceful heart attack (however peaceful one of those can be – it’s certainly more peaceful than being stabbed…I hope.) This act, even though it was still the act of murder, showed mercy from the character of Dexter. His son – even the idea of sons – is his soft spot.

And this whole thing makes me a little sad for Dexter. Because he can never be fully honest with anyone in his life, not even his own son. To do so would make his son an accomplice to murder, and probably result in his son having to bear the burden of the secret or turn his own father into the police. Talk about being born into a luckless situation. Harrison’s Mom was already murdered, isn’t that enough tragedy for the boy?

In the lab, Masuka will do anything to impress pretty lab assistant, Ryan. This includes bringing out old evidence from The Ice Truck Killer. Yea, I’m sure your new boss, Deb, is gonna be real happy about that. Ryan agrees to a date with Masuka, then steals the creepy severed hand from the evidence box. That is not the doggy bag you want to take home!

Now that I’ve mentioned Deb, let’s talk about her a bit more. She’s getting so much flack from everyone around her. Dexter tries to support her, but he’s not much help. And ex-boyfriend Quinn is trying to hurt her by flaunting new girlfriends (hey buddy, you just proposed, at least act like you cared about the relationship) and spreading word that Deb picked the job over him. But we know that’s not how it shook down. And LaGuerta wants to micromanage Deb within an inch of her life, basically holding down two jobs. The only one really in Deb’s corner is the one person you’d expect would be the most resentful – Angel Batista! But Angel is a good guy.

Despite how much we want to think Dexter is a good guy, an avenging angel, he is technically a serial killer. And nothing reminds us of that more than his box of blood slides. At the end of “Smokey and the Bandit” Dexter’s box falls and the slides get messed up – a few even break. Dexter is visibly upset. But the slides are a smoking gun, and he should have gotten rid of them a long time ago. What do you think will become of the box?

The very final scene of this episode seemed like it might not even be part of the show, it was very confusing. and then I realized what was going on. It was a Horseman of the Apocalypse kind of deal with corpses on the horses. At least, it looked like the person was dead and simply propped up, right? Travis and Professor James are only getting started.

What are your Dexter season 6 theories for what Travis and the Professor will do next?

P.S. Mos Def changed his name to Mos? Did anyone else notice this?

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