And you thought corn mazes were just for Halloween? Amateur. In the episode “Nebraska” Dexter heads to …yup, Nebraska, and it’s not for a vacation. No offense to Nebraska, but who would purposefully take a vacation in Nebraska? Dexter Season 6, for me, has been terrific (and macabre.) How’s it been for you? Make sure to check back in with Small Screen Scoop after the episode airs on Sunday for our weekly Dexter review. (I’ll rehash what made me gag, doesn’t that sound fun?!)

Dexter needs corn? Photo: Showtime

DEXTER SEASON 6 – “Nebraska” Summary

Dexter finds himself teamed up with a fellow Dark Passenger when he takes a road trip to Nebraska to tie up some loose ends from the past. As Debra continues to lead the investigation into the Doomsday killings, she deals with the complications of being a lieutenant. Written by Wendy West, Directed by Romeo Tirone. Dexter airs Sundays on Showtime and stars Michael C. Hall. Dexter Season 6 Episode 7.