Below you’ll find a review of “Just Let Go” from Dexter season 6.


Dexter Just Let Go Review

Mos is Mos definitely gone

There might be a flashback or a haunting, but otherwise Mos (formerly Mos Def) and his character Brother Sam are gone. This is a major, major bummer because Brother Sam brought about some of the most interesting conversations on the show. Of course, if he actually succeeded in changing Dexter all the way, the show wouldn’t be the show we all love.

Letting it go

It was hard to see Dexter struggle with not punishing Brother Sam’s murderer. But it seemed like he was really going to try and let Nick go. That is, until Nick turned into the biggest asshole ever. It was hard to blame Dexter for that murder in the heat of the moment. Fans will note that once again in season 6, Dexter has killed, but not in his typical way.

Travis turns

Colin Hanks as Travis let the “Whore of Babylon” go. This is a good sign for him, although I worry what kind of gross punishment we’ll see as a result. The tableau for the “Whore” part looks very gruesome, btw. I’m not looking forward to that. Eating is an impossible task when watching Dexter, am I right?

Quinn the pinata Pokes Deb the pinata

Both Quinn and Deb reminded me of human pinata’s in this episode. They had tons of knocks taken at them. Or, for an easier metaphor, human punching bags. It’s way easier to side with Deb, particularly if you’ve never found a way to like Quinn. He’s a trainwreck. Oops, guess that’s another metaphor.

Brother vs Brother

Brother Sam leaves and now Dexter’s brother is back. It would have been nice to see Sam as a (what do you guys call them, hallucinations?) new face for Dexter to talk to, but his real Brother (the Ice Truck Killer) is a more interesting story choice.

The new intern

Anyone else think that the bit of info about how the new intern is actually researching for a book, is going to turn into a bigger issue?

What do you think is in store for Travis now that he’s disobeyed Geller?