There are three tableau’s to complete in just six days, but will the Doomsday Killers get the chance? (Hint: we’re not rooting for them!)

Dexter Season 6 Episode Guide
Dexter Get Gellar Summary

The title of this Dexter season 6 episode reveals what everyone (both Dexter and Miami Metro) are aiming to do: “Get Gellar.” An upcoming tableau is The Bowls of Wrath. The Bowls of Wrath will be “punishment poured on other people.” Like a plague. Or disease. Then there’s an ocean of blood and an eclipse and … yea.

Gellar has updated his blog for the first time in forever. And he warns people that there’s only six days before all hell breaks loose – literally.

While Miami Metro is on the hunt for Travis Marshall, Dexter has him safely tucked away. But there’s three tableau’s to go and only six days before the end of the world. And Geller has just updated his blog to warn everyone about it.

(Dexter Season 6 Spoilers Warning) The theory online is that there is no Gellar – or that there was, but he’s dead. And Travis’s own dark passenger is Geller. Or there’s split personalities. Something. So there’s really only one killer, and that’s Travis.

Dexter and Harry set up a kill room. To kill “Travis’ dark passenger.” Travis will then get a second chance because Dexter knows “a few people who aren’t using their identities.”

Deter season 6 Pictures

Dexter and his Father are in a Kill Room, will Geller end up dead? Is Geller even a real person?

It looks like even with Travis locked up that another tableau has been completed.

And they’re at… a planetarium? I love the planetarium!

This is a great shot of Michael. C Hall for Dexter season 6.

And here’s Joey Quinn, who has never looked more attractive than this. And he’s in his power blue shirt, so you know he means business.

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