Debra thinks death will solve all her problems. But isn’t that what got her into this impossible mess of a life situation? C’mon girl, be strong!

debra morgan

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 4) – Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Daddy Issues

Debra Morgan is a detective. So the idea that you can leave her alone in your house without her snooping about… well, that’s just effing naïve. Vogel should have realized that. What Deb found was that Vogel has been sharing only selective bits of her father’s past. The only person Debra loves more or is more loyal to, than Dexter, is her father. And finding out that DEXTER is the reason that daddy dearest departed so early? Well, damn. Time for a sh#% storm.

Debra took her and Dex off the deep end. Literally. And then she changed her mind about the whole thing. This seems to line up with everything I’ve ever read about people who attempt suicide and how they immediately regret it.

Do you think Dexter will understand, or hold this against Debra?

And, do you think Debra was wrong to do that? What about Harrison? Killing herself and Dex really leaves him alone. The entire thing seemed badly thought-out.

Quinn and Jamie

This relationship is doomed. Right? He’s a bonehead who’s hung up on his ex-girlfriend. Jamie must know that. Why does she stay with him?

Jennifer Carpenter for an Emmy.

C’mon academy. Take a look at these performances. Carpenter is a unique force that comes across on the screen, and is captivating in this role.

  • Notes
  • Masuka has a kid! That he wanted to bone, before he knew that. Whoops!
  • So, we do know who The Brain Surgeon is now… A.J. Yates. Meeting him seemed kind of anticlimactic. Like, this is it, this is him? Huh.
  • You’ve probably already asked yourself this question a million times over the summer… but do you think it would have been better if Deb had shot Dexter instead of LaGuerta?
  • Hey, I know a special guest star when I see one. I’m talkin’ bout you, Bethany Joy Lenz! A possible love interest for Dexter in the end?
  • Deb really enjoyed the Vogel treatment while it lasted. She even withheld drinking beer unless given permission. So,
  • Deb just… wants someone to be her guardian and keep her safe, and give her restrictions.

What did you think of this episode of Dexter? Leave your niggling thoughts and probable theories below in the comments. What do you think Vogel’s endgame is? Will Dexter die? Will Quinn ever be relevant?

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