What are your reactions to the Dexter season 6 finale?

Dexter “The Way the World Ends” Review

Lewis: Is Lewis someone who’s obsessed with serial killers or obsessed with Dexter? Now that we see he really wants to work there, is he simply trying to get Dexter in trouble so he can steal his job? Conveniently the hand was opened by Travis and put up on the fridge. Dexter might not find it for a while. Especially since he’s gonna be a bit preoccupied…

Deb’s Romance: Just when I was ready to respect Deb for getting more mature, she changed. She was feeling sexual tension with Dexter and thought for sure it wasn’t just in her head. But, yea, it was. Bet she thought she’d only ever fall in love with just one serial killer.

The Fire: It appeared the point for the tableau’s was that the public would see them. So, it was interesting that Travis’ lake of fire wasn’t really visible to anyone. Ever-so-conveniently someone flew over the water and took a picture.

Public Kill: Speaking of the public, Dexter made a very public kill on the boat. And he was able to do it because the illegal immigrants weren’t about to tattle on him.

Dexter’s Take on Death: Dexter said that his take on death wasn’t about flashing back to moments in his life or thinking about people he killed. Instead of the past, he looked to the future. He had regrets about what he’d miss out on with Harrison. That’s an interesting idea about your moments before death. Would you look backward or forward?

Noah’s Ark: Every moment that could be religious in Dexter season 6, was. Dexter’s lion mask honestly was pretty terrifying, though. No wonder that little girl screamed. Of course, Harrison was downright adorable as a lion.

Deb’s Romance Part 2: Deb is now certain that she’s in love with Dexter. And she’s so excited about it. It sounds like a really bad reality tv show premise: “I’m in love with my brother, what do I do next!” In this case, therapy might have been the worst thing for her.

Discovery: And, happy in love, Deb stumbles upon Dexter murdering Travis. Oops.

Significant Quote: “You used God, not the other way around.” – Dexter to Travis

SignificantLast Line: “Oh God.” – Dexter

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