Read this Dexter review of “Get Geller” to see who is referred to as a “self-help book in action,” the truth about unicorns, who might enroll in serial killer rehab.

Dexter “Get Gellar” Review

There was some nice symbolism in the beginning of “Get Gellar” when Dexter used an axe to break the chains on Travis. Of course, we learned that Dexter will have to do a lot more chopping when it comes to Travis. You can’t separate Travis from Gellar, because Gellar is dead. I know a lot of us already figured this out, but there are still a few interesting things to point out. First off, why did Travis kill Gellar? Did he not want a partner or did Gellar not want to help him with his task? (If there were two witnesses that were needed… thatmeans that Travis still see’s Gellar?)

Travis put Gellar in the freezer even with his glasses on, which is kind of a creepy touch. They probably fell off during a struggle, meaning Travis would have put them back on. (Then again, maybe Gellar died in his sleep.)

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Batista has proven to be a really good partner to Quinn, which kind of makes me go “awww.” Quinn is spiraling, man. (Meanwhile, Deb is wearing polished ponytails and getting her shit together!)

The Deb/Laguerta/Call Girl storyline doesn’t interest me a ton. Is that sad? We have so many other things going on in Dexter that a dead call girl who od’d (even with a cover up taking place) doesn’t really seem important.

I loved seeing Dexter affect his best stoner college kid voice when trying to get information about Dr. Casey.

When it comes to Travis, Dexter was dedicated to the idea of saving Travis from this murderous life. He was big on saying how Travis could have a second chance. But he doesn’t think he can have a clean slate or a second chance. But that priest did give him confession, so really, Dexter could. And not just because of the confession thing, you can always start new. I know it sounds hokey but every minute is a new chance to change.

In this episode we saw Dexter break his way out of an elevator and I think we need to see more scenes of him working out to account for how materfully he did that! Did you see his hips swivel to give him power to flip up? He’s super athletic and smart! No, I don’t have a crush on Dexter. But I do think he might have superpowers.

The tableaux as awful as some of the other’s have been. Sure there was an empty stomach (“brace yourselves for awful”) and buckets of blood came down a la Carrie, but there were no snakes or goat heads.

What was almost worse was the blood written on the walls of the motel. IT said “Bring the false prophet to the church.” Blood written on walls is just always, always creepy! Especially with a hand in the sink.

I haven’t often liked Deb but she hit the nail on the f#*king head when she said, “I’m not sure if I believe in God. But I’m pretty sure he hates me.” (And I swore as an homage to Deb.) I like her new stance on being powerful and making positive changes. She’s like a self-help book in action!

Later Deb announced, “I know that I’m broken.” I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. (Including Dexter!) And her therapist replied, “But do you know that you don’t have to be.” Way to empower! Dexter needs therapy, too. The therapist is a positive force in Deb’s life, telling her she needs to address and break bad habits/patterns and behaviors. You could almost skip therapy if the episodes of Dexter continue to enlighten us like this.

While I’ve always thought that Lewis the intern probably was too good to be true (man, his apartment was pretty cool if you dig the modernist vibe, which personally I don’) I think he has more secrets up his stolen serial killer sleeves! I was more shocked to learn that Lewis had bid and won the Ice Truck Killer victim’s arm than to learn that Gellar was already dead.


“Stop with the fingers, we gotta talk!” – Masuka to Lewis

Casey said some people believe there are no unicorns because they were late getting to the ark. Everyone knows unicorns were busy hibernating in the clouds, duh.

“What variety of lunatic might you be?” – Casey to Dexter (If he only knew…)

Grade: B+

React: Did you already guess that Gellar was dead? What do you think the deal with Lewis is? Will Dexter end up killing Travis this season? (Or will he try for serial killer rehab.)

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