Here is your straight-to-the-point Dexter recap for the season 6 episode “Talk to the Hand.” Only essential information is dumped below! If you missed the episode, or fell asleep during it, this will be a good guide for you.

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Travis’ poison gas (“Wormwood”) targets Debora (serial killers always like her as a victim), but Dexter saves the day with some good timing and internet stalking. Dexter sets a trap for Travis but gets caught and tied up for a tableau. Luckily, Dex free’s himself from a little boat before it explodes for the Lake of Fire tableau. He’s all emotional (ha) or at least confused about what he should do next.

Batista is almost killed by Travis until Quinn shows up and saves him. (Travis seems to really enjoy lighting fires, he may have missed a calling to be an arsonist.) Despite this, Angel has had enough of Quinn being a prick and wants to switch partners.

Debora confronts Matthews to let him know she is aware he was with a hooker. He tells her not to tell anyone and she pretty much seems to agree. But LaGuerta tells on Matthews, letting Debora look like the mole. Matthews is fired, and Deb now has to answer to LaGuerta once again (because she was promoted. Lady knows how to work the game.)

Meanwhile, therapy isn’t going so well. Or is it a breakthrough when your therapist suggests you are in love with your brother and then you have a romantic dream about him?

Lewis the intern sent Dexter that Ice Truck Killer victim’s hand but only after marking it up with a pen. What kinda Bs is that?

Travis is waiting for God or a beast or something. We’re nearing the end, folks!

Dexter Season 6 Quotes

“Maybe he was done with him and the knife was his severance package.” – Masuka

“I don’t think you’re crazy.” – Deb’s Therapist
“Can I get that in writing?” – Deb

“There are worse secrets you can have, Deb.” – Dexter

“What did stalkers do before the internet?” – Dexter

“King of the beasts. Something feels right about that.” – Dexter

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