Looks like I’m gonna need a good pitchfork/murder pun… Alas, I have none. Still, what a way to go, huh? Or more like “ouch.” But however low Dexter got in “Nebraska” he came out the other side of this tunnel with his father back on his side. And that’s important. Also, it’s sweeps so Dexter had to do something crazy.


Dexter “Nebraska” Review

There was much less visually gross things in this Dexter season 6 episode, although hearing about how the “Whore” victim was forcefed human blood is enough to make all of you “Twilight” fans stop and think about what being a vampire would really be like, right? Aka, gross.

For those of you who tune in for the gore (why!), there was: a head in a bag, the intestines (I’m guessing) of an alligator, and a dude pitchforked and then thrown onto a table like a slab of beef. (Yet another reason for me to consider this whole vegan craze…)

Dexter has added yet another unconventional (for him) kill to his list. Have you noticed that all of his murders have gone atypical of his usual way? Last week he drowned someone, and this week he pitchforked someone and then threw him into a silo of grain. And while that might sound like Dexter is expanding his methods, he’s actually come away from Nebraska with a much clearer head.

The Ice Truck Killer aka Dexter’s Brother aka Brian was along for the ride (literally) in this episode. Dexter was sent into a tail spin after Brother Sam (Mos) was killed. It makes sense that this would provoke this hallucination. (Maybe I would have expected it more after Rita’s death, but whatever.)

Brian, to me, is basically Dexter’s ID coming out to play. (Yup, I’m getting all psychological,here.)  It’s his rebellious side, the side that wants to be outrageous and have no consequences. It’s every selfish thought and instinct he has. Brian was a lot of snarky fun, but he’s a total mood killer.

Something to note is that at the convince store (where Dexter got awesome nachos) it seemed almost like he was trying to impress his brother. Of course, since his brother wasn’t there it probably stemmed from his simple, base desire to have sex. Then Dexter was able to rationalize it to his brother that he just needed a way to steal the gun that the clerk had.

I suppose we have to talk about Deb, since she got plenty of screen time. To be honest, I’ve never liked Deb. So I could care less about the Deb/Quinn stuff. However, I’m glad that they decided not to reignite their boring romance. Deb’s dynamic at work is more interesting to me. Laguerta is a) such a bitch, and b) always trying to manipulate the facts so she looks innocent. Remember how she tried to set up Deb at the press conference? Yea.

Travis severed ties with the Professor, but something tells me this isn’t going to go over well. I have a very bad feeling for Travis’ sister. As in, tell her to save herself before she becomes the freakin’ whore of Babylon, yo! (That’s exactly what I’d say to him.)

There was a lot of symmetry between Travis and Dexter, because they were both provoked by someone saying all the wrong things at a moment where they both had a weapon handy. Dexter had a pitchfork and Travis had a … prong thing. While Dexter went for the kill, Travis proved that he really isn’t a killer, when he walked away. But will that be good for ol Travey Trav in the future?

And, the Trinity callback was great, but I’m glad Jonah (Brando Eaton) wasn’t really turned into a serial killer. Thumbs up! (Also, so glad Dexter follows his code or else Jonah would have been dead.)


  1. The tossing of a head in a bag with the reference of “You used to like to play.” Oh so wrong. Oh so funny.
  2. “You don’t turn the other cheek, you slice it.”
  3. Dexter disposed of a body in the sunlight. Odd. Dangerous!
  4. At the mention of Deb, Brian says, “Ah, the one who got away.” This is in reference to Deb not being murdered. Normally Dexter would have reacted to that, but he was so far gone at the beginning of this episode that it didn’t even bother him.
  5. Two tickets to a jizz fest.
  6. Will there be a real Dexter video game? Is there already a Dexter video game? …Okay, apparently, yes.
  7. A place you don’t want to be: “Fucktopia” – Deb
  8. Tom Hanks is so loveable. So, why does Colin Hanks have such a creepy vibe? He always portrays eerie characters a little too well (Mad Men, anyone? I miss when he was in that horrible movie “Orange County”!)

Grade: B+

Rewatch: Sure. It’s creepy and it’s a stand-out episode for several reasons, including the change of scenery and return of The Ice Truck Killer and Trinity.

React: What would you grade Dexter “Nebraska”? Did you think Jonah had turned into a legit serial killer before the big reveal? Is Dexter’s confession of murder safe with Jonah since Dexter has Jonah’s confession? And are they purposefully trying to make us dislike Deb, or is that just me?

Dexter airs Sundays on Showtime.