Old video taped counseling sessions of Harry? I’m so into how creepy this all is.

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 2) - Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 2) – Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime


The origin of Dexter’s trophy’s as blood slides was a really fun discovery. I also enjoyed the call back later on to the hiding place in an air conditioner.

Swooping in so late in the game to tell Dexter all of this now seemed a bit odd. Until we learned why Vogel was doing it now…because she needs a favor. (Or is messing with Dexter.) I do like this plot, though. Vogel is the creator of Dexter, someone that we never knew about… and it’s actually plausible. For the final season, this is pretty great. In terms of a plot idea, at least. I can’t yet know if the execution is one I’ll like. So far, though, I think it’s a powerful storyline to wrap up this series.

I don’t trust Vogel. Is she the killer? I don’t know. But she …likes psychopaths, and thinks they are important as alpha wolves and all that… that’s creepy. It’s past being compassionate or being able to understand a problem like Dexter’s. It’s like she wishes she was also a psychopath. And hey, maybe she is.

The eyes on the corpse … all white and…oh man. Somehow, that was one of the grossest things the show has ever given us. And they’ve given us snakes sewn into a corpses stomach. So. Yea.

Dexter: The Brain Surgeon chapter

The Brain Surgeon. Oh, Masuka. I’m not entirely sure if he created the name, but it’s going to catch on. Technically it’s just “Brain Surgeon” but it sounds better as “The Brain Surgeon.” …Does this matter? Is Vogel the Brain Surgeon? Maybe. Right? Either she’s an idiot or she’s the reddest red herring ever.

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Deb doesn’t care

I know Deb’s a police officer and brave as balls (I think she’d enjoy this phrase), but wasn’t she even a teensy bit worried about going to a storage unit all alone in what seemed like the middle of the night? Those are creepy places. And, do you watch Scandal? The scenes there were enough to scare me out of them for life.

The guy said to Deb, “You’re lucky I don’t kill people unless I’m paid to.” But I think it was more than that. I think it would have been easier to shoot her, but she gave him a desperate “I want it” look. She wants an easy out…she wants to die. And when he saw that, he didn’t want to give her that. It’s messed up, but I could clearly see the logic of that happen in his brain, by way of his face. It’s about doing the opposite of what is expected or wanted…and I guess it can make people feel powerful and like they have the control. And screwed up as it is, it’s nice that it (possibly) saved Deb’s life.

As an animal lover and general nice human, I loathe hunting. So seeing the fur “quilt” (“it’s like a nightmare in fur”) really made me queasy. Gross. You’d never see animals skinning humans and wearing it around for fashion, if they could. Because it’s cruel! Humans are too cruel. (Although I understand the origins of why people used to wear furs to keep warm, but just as fashion…ugh.)

Quinn. (Quinn and Deb?) Deb. Blah blah!

Quinn is gonna die this season, right? The show is making him so annoying that I can’t imagine anyone not rooting for his death.

Deb killing someone should be a bigger deal than it is. But because he was a criminal and she was a cop who sometimes shot at criminals already…it just doesn’t seem like such a huge trespass. It’s something that could have happened in other seasons. What’s important here is the psychology of why she did this. She shot him four times. That’s … well, three more than she needed.

Are Quinn and Deb gonna go at it again? Man, I bet. They are just so intertwined.

Let me know what you thought of the episode. Do you think Vogel is just a red herring?